A few clicks and strokes to a better world

Created with phone camera, Diwali sparkler and WhatsApp tools. Courtesy Santosh Telkhede.

Yesterday was Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. It celebrates Rama’s rescue of the beautiful Sita who had been kidnapped by the evil Ravana. People place diyas or lamps all over to symbolically light the way for the victorious Rama to bring Sita home. Apart from diyas, firecrackers, sweets and Diwali greetings are the other things that symbolise the festival.

Diya, Murukku, and Laddu. Created with phone camera, Diwali sweets and WhatsApp painting tool (and Over app for text in Laddu). Courtesy Santosh Telkhede.

Those cliched, tacky Diwali greetings arriving on Whatsapp is what rubbed my friend, Santosh, the wrong way. So when he saw his daughter playing with a sparkler, he clicked a pix of it with his phone, and added a few touches with the tools in WhatsApp. He then picked up some Diwali sweets, clicked a few more pix, and added more strokes. Minutes later, he whatsapped me this series of unforgettable, personalised greetings.

Sweets, crackers and iPhone. Three unconnected things. Connecting them with a few pix and strokes of digital paint. That’s creativity at its purest.

Of course, it helps that my friend is a multitalented alumni of JJ School of Arts, one of India’s top art schools. But I think the point he’s trying to make is we don’t have to recycle the same old boring greetings. Instead we can use the tools in our phone to create fresh and interesting greetings in minutes.

I would like to add this post is not a plug for my friend or WhatsApp. What I’m saying is if Steve Jobs hadn’t created the iPhone, the world might be stuck with ugly cellphones. Ditto for the beige box PC.

It’s our world. Let’s make it prettier in whatever little way we can. Be it better looking phones or better looking messages.

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