A Mandate for Inaction

First he spoke of Mexico, which isn’t all that close to my home
Drugs, crime, rapists — they give us their worst; I knew this wasn’t true but
I didn’t listen because the wall sounded so silly and so many of my friends were laughing at him
And he was a reality star, this was just an act, Right?

Then, my friends, he talked about Muslims, McCain and even war heroes
As if they were the devil incarnate; insulted dead veterans, poked fun of a grieving mother
Surely this demagogue didn’t just get the Republican ticket — it’s like party suicide!
Surely morality will kick in — don’t they claim to be famous for it? Or maybe he’s still Faking…

Yes, we women were outraged when he mentioned blood coming out of her…whatever
When he called Clinton a Nasty Woman, said he could grab pussies, was indicted for Rape
We thought he’d sealed his fate, till — women, sons of mothers, fathers of daughters voted for him
But it’s about the economy, yes? The unsung rust belt is suffering!

So finally late election night, he spoke of Unity: supporting every American, being one great country
And we breathed an ozone-choking Sigh of Relief. Being a candidate is different than president, yes?
Until he began to select his cabinet, filled with every racist misogynist xenophobic bigot
At least we are vocal, asking nicely that he start respecting the rest of us

Now we liberals are listening at long last to our Trumped-up loved ones, trying to understand
While blacks and gays are resigned to their ongoing fate, whites debate over safety pins
Muslims are angry, but hey we are all aligned on signing your national registry!
Once his lies are exposed, maybe his supporters will save us with their guns — or maybe hate will win.

And nearby, Nero fiddles…

Inspired by Pastor Martin Niemőller