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A Prolific Author

Today, October 5, 2018 A distinguished citizen, with a strong reputation, seemingly the kind of rep that a pillar of the community would have, referred to me today as someone who has become a Prolific Author. For the first time, words like that, seemed to stick to my brain, and echoed in my thoughts as the day went on.

I began this Medium Mission about ten months ago, and there had already been many times since then, where I referred to myself as an author, blogger, columnist, correspondent, memoir writer, etc etc. However, it was today, that statement said about me, meant more to me then any of my ten months of several dozen self referrals.

All of this, is something that I have wanted to do for the last 20, 25 years. I had always loved writing. I loved English class in high school and college, I wrote poetry, I read hundreds of books, novels of everything from horror, to comics, to history, science fiction, non fiction, as well as always having at least a dozen of so magazine subscriptions always going strong.

As much as I loved writing, it had always seemed like something that was a million miles away from me. I tried to write book(s) and got lazy and gave up after 10, 20 pages. I just couldn’t put in the work, that would make anything close to the length of an average book. Also, for most of those years, I guess I didn’t really have much to write about. Life was just life.

The most exciting thing I did in my life in those years, was spend a dozen years as a volunteer firefighter. Sure, that could definitely be an interesting topic.

Yes I had extraordinary experiences as a fireman, I had seen plenty of great and wonderful things, and many tragic things. I’d seen men do impossible things. Somehow they made those things no impossible.

But let’s be honest, I wasn’t a fireman in the Bronx NYC, of the 1970s and 1980s. Nor a firefighter in 1990s South Central Los Angeles.

I had plenty of amazing experiences, but it just wasn’t everyday, nor at a level that could easily flow as an amazing book; like the book “Report From Engine 82, South Bronx. That book was written by FDNY firefighter Dennis Smith, who worked at that engine, and wrote an incredible diary like style account, of the insanity he saw everyday. To my experiences of 700, 800, FF Smith had, 30,000 40,000.

So, I had always been a little lazy, and I was known to procrastinate a lot in life so, I never bothered a real attempt at studying journalism in college, so nothing ever became of the next couple decades.

That part of my writing life that was missing; that part about there not being anything major or exciting for me to write about finally, found life. Conceived from something difficult, scary, and tragic. But, it was also important, real, and life saving.

I now had a story.

A story that came from my struggles and experiences in a dark world of drug addiction. I always say that, I gave my entire life, trust and world to the devil, so that I could then have a priceless story, that could do a lot of good for the world. The miracle of me overcoming that life, before it killed me, in itself, could easily be words of many thousands.

Living that life of active addiction is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week world of sadness, danger, self loathing, trust losing, love losing & health sacrificing, just to name a few. Dignity, self respect is lost from day one.

Waking up daily in a world where each day all alone, we’d have to face the monster that was the struggle, was extremely frightening. Repeated, every single day. The fright so dark and chilling, that each day, whenever we’d wake up (or come to) we would shed tears because we were both scared for the day, and sad that we woke up.

Let’s fast forward again. After the flames were out, and the smoke had cleared, I found sobriety, through the grace of God. I had regained family, friends and trust. I felt ready to write, and friends agreed.

They demanded that the world know my story. Demanded, that vulnerability be left behind. To hold back nothing. Sugarcoat nothing. And Edit nothing.

Then it was two friends, (Alex.Saretzky and Fred Brehm) who said to me, “Michael, maybe try something called Medium, and try a little bit of your writing, and see what you can hopefully come up with.” That was 300+ stories, blogs, articles, columns, & memoirs ago. That was January 2018.

It’s now October 2018. I’m now referred to as a Prolific Author.

And I couldn’t had agreed with that more.

-MICHAEL PATANELLA; Author, Social Advocate



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Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.