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A Purpose For Emotions?

A deeper look behind the not so hidden meaning

What is the real point of our emotions? Do they serve any purpose? Do they protect us? Do they warn us? Are some important, while others a waste? Clearly, after all the evolving we have done for endless centuries, it is pretty clear by now that there is a good chance, that we need our emotions. Including the emotions that just the thought of them overcoming us is frightening.

Emotions might have got a bad rap, because it seems as if, we don’t always have the emotions that properly fit the scenario. Even if the emotions are a good match, there is a good chance that emotions may have an exaggeration about them.

Philosophy of mindfulness states that “Emotions are a physical preparation for action.” We may not necessarily feel it at the time, nor may we even agree with that statement. From avoiding conflict, making mistakes, or all the way up to avoiding or overcoming danger, emotions are the backbone for the or flight that we at times, need. Fear, anger, stress, contribute to that natural survival mechanism.

Emotions also act as shortcuts. They can save time, for their ability to help us act with instinctive instant speed, when situations require it.

There are many scenarios that are dangerous. Ones that do not offer us a time period where we can’t just sit and try to devise an outline and a plan on how to deal with the danger.

Again, it’s the example of fight or flight, and it can be the difference between life or death. If I see a tornado, I can act in an instant, with a healthy kind of fear as my emotion.

Just like emotions have that purpose to avoid danger and protect ourselves from harm, they also have just as strong a purpose to act as excellent motivation tools that can help find success and achievement in many different ways.

We may be very emotional when it comes time for a job interview, or a major exam. Anxiety is likely a main one, and if utilized properly, it can motivate us greatly, and we can use that anxiety to realize that much preparation is needed in order for a good chance for success.

Another example, some of us might have some compromising health issues, that are a result from things like years of a bad diet, or years of smoking. The emotion fear can be a factor, in which we are able to begin a mission, where we eventually succeed in better health, by learning how to eat healthy, and keeping consistent with a moderate exercise regimen. That can create a positive domino effect in which other parts of health improve naturally as well like lowering blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and a healthier glucose level.

Similarly, if we work hard on our confidence, and self esteem, we can be better prepared for an important interview. That confidence, and preparation will shine through, and the one doing the interviewing will definitely see that.

Again, it’s a healthy anxiety, that in turn ends up obtaining a new, and wonderful career. Positively affecting our entire lives long term.

Emotions also affect and create many different forms of body language. That body language can at times help people get an understanding of us. It is said in much related literature that it is important to give physical language to our emotions, and that it can help ourselves be more understood. One’s can see when we are legitimately upset, concerned. Our honesty too can show, when we use physical clues, like making direct eye contact, with our body refraining from fidgeting.

Just like helping others understand use, it’s a vice versa scenario. Turn it around, and we in turn, can also learn about others by their emotion controlled body language as well.

So as we see, emotions provide valuable information. It’s done in ways that build strong, valid, and loyal relationships.

Charles Darwin suggested that “emotional displays could also play an important role in safety and survival.” Through my own research, I have learned a lot about emotions, and beforehand I never knew that emotions had much complexity at all. I looked at them as all negative things, that neither me nor others had any purpose for at all.

Now I know just how much emotions affect and serve my life. An importance with endless value.




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