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My life has been a roller coaster journey. Going through ups and downs, health and illness, happiness and sorrow. Right now, a roller coaster just going up is not interesting, and, a roller coaster just going down is also not interesting. It goes fast and slow, up and down. It does twists, turns, and loops. And I believe it is only because of all these things, that I was able to enjoy it this much. All I want to do with my life is, to continue this beautiful roller coaster journey.

Hi. I am “someone”, who just wants to

walk, run, jump, fall down, get hurt, climb mountains, swim, dance, sing, cry, breathe and smile. In short, I just want to be, on the moving roller coaster. I don’t want the roller coaster to ever stop.

Penny: So, I guess the only thing that actually stays the same, is that things are always changing.

Sheldon: Interesting. So you are saying, the inevitability of change, might be a universal constant.

Penny: Well there is a little more to it than that, but, yeah, sure.

I had made promises in my past to myself and to others, which I was not able to keep, simply because things didn’t go according to my plan.

What makes sense to me, has always been changing. So, now, I am constantly looking for things that change my current beliefs.

If you are looking for consistency, I cannot guarantee it.

My current approach to life is.



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Roshan Joy

I don't believe there is a right thing to do or wrong thing to do at any point "with" life. Just enjoy It.