As Our Present Life Becomes Our Future

Michael Patanella
Jul 13, 2018 · 4 min read

As we live our lives and continue to move forward in this world, it may seem quite cliche if I tell you about how important it is to have a plan in those travels. For the most part, is it safe to assume that the majority of us already know that? I don’t know of many who don’t have a plan in life as we go into adulthood. Sometimes the plans are realistic and perfect, other times the plans can be a bit more difficult in real life, and we feel like we’ve set ourselves up for failure.

Not succeeding in a plan does not always mean that it equals failure. There is something that is called Action Planning. It is a good tool that can hold in place efforts of ours, along with goals, future endeavors, missions, objectives, and plans of where we want to see ourselves.

Let’s begin with a question, and ask ourselves, do we have a clear view of where we are beginning from and are we being realistic? Objectives can quickly fizzle into nothing if we aren’t working with a plan with a solid backbone to it. What improvements are we starting with that we want eliminated?

Where are we headed? And with that ‘where” includes another question of what is our goal and what do we want the place we’re headed to be able to do for us? The future that we want very far ahead needs to start being planned for sooner then we would ever had originally imagined. In our thoughts, what are we visualizing 20 year from now. In many realms.

Whether it’s life with a spouse, if so, are we seeing a family of kids? What type of career life are we putting together in our minds? What is our career vision? Perhaps we want a very drastic change when it comes to where we live now. The more drastic of changes we dream for life now, is the much harder we have to work now.

Wherever we are seeing ourselves, remember that there has to be some type of way to get there. We may already know that it takes a lot of difficulty to get somewhere, we know it’s tough, but knowing and understanding things on a general scale, won’t allow us to target what’s necessary.

If we want to travel the path to becoming a doctor, there that’s a path travelled that requires several specific and usually exact way that one has to go. So, that’s a good example and type of answer that needs to be thought of, when asking, where are you going, & what is needed to get there?

One of the last questions, that when it’s asked, it really brings up thoughts and reminders once again of which road we need to be on, and what can happen on that road that can cause problems, delays, or may stop us completely if we aren’t careful about staying mindful to sticking to the properly. There are things that can cause detours to appear, some our fault, some not.

Procrastination is one big reason, and a lack of committing fully to each task will all have consequences, many of which aren’t seen for a long time. That fact can really help us in digging our own grave. If we aren’t seeing immediate problems, or negative results, then an assumption of being in the clear is also something that too can be waiting to show at the last minute. With then, plenty of regret, and at a point in the road, where it can be too late to backtrack and fix.

There are many lessons in this bit, about A Life Plan, and it goes further then that, as it show the importance of considering a plan for everything. This piece, can show reasons behind its importance, but one of the priorities that I’ve never gave much consideration to until doing research for this was. That being to stay focused on the fact that future’s have detours. The road of the future can have many road blocks. Let’s include those things as we develop our plans, allowing us to go unscathed from unexpected humps in the road.

They”ll never be printed on any map, nor on any gps. Don’t allow them to be the reason that we’re stopped dead in our tracks from gaining the success that our Action Plan has been built for.

Thoughts And Ideas

An attempt to bring all heart-touching and thought provoking writings under one roof to make an impact.

Michael Patanella

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Publisher, Editor, prolific nonfiction Author covering mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety & spirituality.

Thoughts And Ideas

An attempt to bring all heart-touching and thought provoking writings under one roof to make an impact.

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