Am I normal?

Is it normal to be the least interesting guy in the class? Is it perfectly cool to be least involved in relationships? Is it conventional to be an introvert?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to be everything said above. It is not a rule to be like everyone else.

Not everyone is born a scientist or an athlete. Nor anyone is born as an actor or a singer. It is the hard work and determination that makes a man what he wishes to be. In the same way, not everyone is born to be ‘dude’ of the college. Not everyone is like everyone else.

Everyone has his own personality. His own aura. His own life and his own interests. A person is what he thinks he is. His nature makes him what he wants to be. Generally, a person good in academics can’t be as good in every other field. At the same time, a person good in extra-curricular activities does not necessarily be good in academics.

What a person is today was decided by where and how he was.


If a person lives in a refugee camp, it leaves a great impact on him. It transforms him. He may not know the latest technologies of the world and hence may remain lost in his own world. Because, his priority isn’t to raise their standard of living, but is to, first of all, survive it.


A person who has spent his entire childhood as a part of a middle class family and struggling to get access to things that others have easily, may be knowing the value of money to precisely. Thus today, he must be working harder to make up for his childhood, so his children won’t have to suffer this. A child born in a family of soldiers may think more of dedicating his life for patriotic cause against a normal person’s desire to work in a MNC.

What you are today is perfectly normal. Because whatever you are today is because of whatever you were that day and what you want to be next day. The desire and will make the next day better makes your today even better. You love what you do and it is what you think you can do it whole life without any worry. That is why your today is perfect as long as you don’t compare with other’s.

Everyone has their own sets of goals. So, when you see a certain person different than you, it does not mean that you are not normal or you are not better. It is our priorities that makes us who we are and what we want to be. So enjoy every moment. Cheers to life.

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