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An Open Letter to Your Popular Former High-School Classmates.

I know you also want to talk to them.

Dear Joe and Jane,

I hope you remember me but you most probably won’t. Many years has passed since but I still have many vivid memories. You were in the group of the popular kids back in the high school days. And I was not.

I still remember watching you during recess. You were always laughing and shouting and having fun with everyone else. You were always loud.

You were also constantly passionately in love. You did not miss a chance to show-off to the rest of us and to annoy us. Any even when you were breaking up with each other, you would still manage to make some fuss around it.

You always got the attention of everyone. You loved the attention. You loved knowing that you are in the epicenter. All eyes on you.

You never cared about the rules and the curriculum and most of us wanted to be rebels as you were. But we were lacking both the bravery and the insensitivity to do that, though, and to skip classes or to get expelled in a spectacular fashion.

Joe, you were always laughing at the nerds. You were always laughing with the ones who were following the rules or who were doing their homework. You were also laughing with the others who were participating in school clubs and were having extra curriculum activities.

And you Jane, you were always laughing with the timid girls who did not want to put on make-up every day at school. You were also laughing with the girls who were studying and who wanted to go to college , let alone the girls who were a bit rougher in their appearance and who did not talk about boys or haircuts and nails.

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But the reason I am reaching to you today is that I feel the social obligation to inform you that you belong to the people who will never achieve anything in their lives.

Because you were cool back then. BACK THEN!

You were successful for the standards that we had as 17-year-olds.When the other teenagers did not know how to deflect your bullshit and to block you out of their head.

But unfortunately for you, you have reached your peak in high school. You had your five minutes of fame and glory. Or even a few years.

Now you have dropped multiple levels in the food chain. Now you are the expendable one. Now you are at the bottom. Now you are the one who look at the others and ask what is wrong with you.

Now you are the one who looks up to us: the nerds, the weird ones, the timid ones, the rough ones, the insecure ones, the fat ones, the skinny ones, the ugly ones, the polite ones and every other person you laughed at.

And if I sound bitter or resentful to you then I have one last remark to make: I never really cared about you. But it took me years to gather the self-confidence to say it out loud.

Or maybe it took me years to realize why being different from you means something.

I do not know if I am successful or not.

But at least I know that I am not you.

Enjoy the rest of your lives.


Your former High-School Classmate.

Thanks for reading.

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