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Being Your Best Self

I came across a list from one of my Sobriety workbooks, which was called “34 Phrases To Be Your Best Self.”

I wanted to write about a few items from that list that I feel touch me the most.

I have spent a countless amount of time as of late working on a lot of different

Self Help items, as I feel that it has been a great way to solidify my own Recovery. The first item on the list that I felt really connected to was one that says

Honesty: being a slave to your fear is pitiful and unattractive.”

You can’t find respect if you are always running away. Be brave.

I lived a very long time before I was able to acknowledge that I had many fears deep in my own mind, and heart.

I was a bully.

I lived in denial that I could have any fears, and I used to exploit others, for their own fears. Poking fun at the expense of others.

This was a way I could numb my fears. I also used it to hide my worries, and low self esteem. Therefore, I did not have to admit that I myself was quite self conscious about everything.

I hated Myself.

I hated who I was.

I imagined that I had a perfect life in my hands. Pretended that I could never be exposed for anything negative. As time went on, I was able to learn that I would have face myself, and all my defects,plus have Self Honesty, if I was to ever be a Man who respected himself and loved himself.

Only then would I finally become a

A Man of courage, a Man who could face my fears. I could talk about my fears. I worked through my fears.

To me, that was one way to take a more balanced control of my life.

The next phrase on that list that fits me quite well is, “the more you realize how fleeting life’s beautiful moments are, the more beautiful they’ll become.”

I think this statement probably fits not just me, but everybody. Before I had an appreciation for ALL of God’s miracles on this earth.

Unfortunately, before I realized how blessed I was that God let me cross paths with his big and small miracles, I was living my life in a much darker place.

There are just so many amazing things in this world, beauties in nature, miracles and love in my life, things just so strong, that they can only have come to be, by the hands of nothing less then a Higher Power.

A solid Faith is gives me the proof that my Higher Power is out there creating miracles, saving souls from darkness, working hard, while I work, eat, sleep and play.

Proving that if you believe in Faith. If you have a Higher Power. Faith will lead you to Redemption, and to Deserving Rewards.

Things that once may have looked dismal, and pointless. Soon become complex with beauty. Once their true meaning was understood, ot could be embraced. The next is,

“Never give up a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

I used to live in a tiny corner of my world, in a constant depression, over all the things that I let pass me by.

I was relapsing back into a world of drug abuse, as a way to smother my feelings related to all the opportunities I let slip.

Without my Faith in my heart, I would go back looking to numb, and looking to do it instantly.

Again I was back at those dark moments in my daily life, making dark decisions. Illicit drug abuse seemed as good a way as any to quickly forget all about everything.

Instant Gratification & Idle Time =

The Devils Playground.

Each time I got clean, all those feelings of regret and remorse were still there.

Waiting for me. I was so worried about time wasted. Yet, I was wasting even more time, and wasting it faster then ever by abusing drugs.

I came to an understanding with myself, that once I got clean, and also remain clean, only then, could I try and go back to trying to accomplish things.

Stuff I once thought was far out of reach.

Just impossible.

Now be it known that Nothing is impossible to do; until you’re dead. Have Faith in your goals. Faith has its way of showing when you’re on a straight and narrow path.

A path where your practice honesty.

With both other people and especially with yourself. Don’t go out trying to hurt others.

If you make mistakes; Be accountable.

Look for the best path where Foregiveness can be earned.

Apologize when you have done something wrong.

Make Amends, Sincere Amends.

That last paragraph above, also, kind of connects to the next item on the list.

I wanted to mention it. It’s “life is won by those who take their dreams seriously, no matter how wild they might be.”

Seems very self explanatory.

You will not find success sitting on your couch, watching life pass you by. Without goals, without endeavors, and without motivation, accomplishments will never be possible.

Your dreams, your goals, the things you want in life more then anything, are all possible if you really want them.

Believe me, there is nothing impossible in this life.

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Be Your Best Self

#opioidcrisis #Addiction #Sobriety #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #sober #recovery #bipolar #lifelessons #selfimprovement #benzos #intravenous #opiates #heroin #cocaine #xanax #selfhelp #overdose #suicide



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