Benefits of writing — {Discover it for yourself}

To those who think writing is meant just for the authors and bloggers, you are 100% wrong!

I love writing short articles, so I might not know what it feels like to write when you do not inherently like writing. But, I think writing has it’s own benefits whether that is on a public platform or just your personal diary!

So, how did it suddenly dawn upon me that writing is so beneficial? Well, I was taking up a MOOC course on Coursera and I thought — “I am going to forget a lot of things even before I take the week 1 Quiz, because too much new content is being bombarded onto me”. So I thought why not solve this problem by doing something I love! Yes, I thought — “ Why not write a blog post about everything I learn?” ..which will not only help make my concepts concrete but also make me research in-depth about the topics since a set of people are going to read what I write.

I am not sure how this is going to work out. It is definitely not going to be easy but, this got me thinking about the other benefits of writing and to my wonder I came up with 9 benefits of writing. Some might apply only to writing on public platforms, but in general it has some great benefits.

Benefit 1: Research has it, that writing down your doubts or fears helps reduce the anxiety or stress caused by them.

Benefit 2: You learn more about yourself. This is because at times you write subconsciously and suddenly discover that you posses an altogether new side to yourself. (I have experienced this a lot. Read your personal diary pages after a few days. You will be surprised you wrote that stuff!)

Benefit 3: This is a benefit that comes from a specific kind of writing, i.e. writing about your day or schedule or your expenses and it helps you understand where all your time goes, what are the bad spending habits that you posses, so on and so forth. For further details, you should read Jon Westenberg’s article How to hack mindful time management into daily work

Benefit 4: In case you are not able to solve a mathematical problem, you try using a pen and paper for it. Similarly, if you want to develop some habits or put some ideas to work, writing the ideas down helps a lot. It makes things concrete and hence it is often used as a way of revising things by kids.

Benefit 5: If you are writing on a social media platform, it would give you the satisfaction of being able to express your opinion and ideas to a set of people, i.e. This is very similar to communicating to a real-life person.

Benefit 5: It usually stimulates the creative side of you and makes it more active. Being a little more creative always helps.

Benefit 6: It is a healthy hobby to write, so when you are done with your day job, writing can help you relax. You are not dependent on your friends to help you relax every single day.

Benefit 7: Being able to write and post stuff on social platforms can give you a sense of achievement and strength of being able to influence people’s lives.

Benefit 8: The fact that the articles that you post on the public platforms can help a set of people gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Benefit 9: This is the most important benefit. It might actually lead you to shift focus from your so called ‘virtual lives’ on the social media platforms and compel you to think about your real-life.You might then realize how peaceful life is without constant social media exchange.

Since, writing has all these benefits .. here I am writing about the benefits of writing:D Do let me know in the comments what you think about this article :) Thanks for reading.

Hope, you have writing the first piece on your agenda today. Happy Writing:)