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Comedy Monday

Recently, I was watching a white man make comedy and I couldn’t find anything funny about what he was saying, not even a single thing. But all the white men and women were laughing their stomach out. I began to wonder what actually made them laugh. Was it the difference in our affinities? Was it the way the man kept twisting his butt like a little dog who had gone astray? Or was it because the joke appeared funny to them based on their way of life?

Then I thought of it in this direction also. I have seen white people laugh out loud with coloured teeth and skin amidst blacks during these comedy nights in Nigeria and they all seemed insatiated and in want of more comedy from Nigerian comedians. Was it because Nigerian comedians are funny just by their looks alone. For example, Akpororo (Nigeria’s renowned and all-round best comedian) is so black that you may be unable to find him in the midst of black apes because he would mix up pretty well and he looks like something a crocodile have refused to swallow. Or was it because they actually make good all-round comedy.

No…. I came to a conclusion. There was just one answer and it’s that it’s easier making a cat laugh than making a Nigerian laugh because Nigerians suffer a lot; sitting in traffic every single day, inhaling carbon monoxide (which is tantamount to smoking which can make anyone lose it), job stress, bottled-up feelings and emotions, family, children, poverty, government wahala (troubles), poor standard of living, increasing value of goods, stagnant income, illiteracy, increased disease rate, high mortality rate, low GNP, unfavourable governmental policies, low remunerations, inadequate salary, flooding, dilapidated buildings and infrastructures and the hot weather that does not allow for one to think positively (how can one when the sun beats the very sense out of us). It’s a mixed economy and a system where the rich gets richer and the poor poorer.

These and many more constitute the myriads of challenges faced by Nigerian that’s why it’s not easy making them laugh.

But if you ever happen to come across a white man making a Nigerian laugh, inform me and I’ll withdraw all the money in my dream bank account and give to him.

Lest I forget, I have a problem. There are so much money in my bank account in the dream but I don’t know how to transfer it into my reality bank account. Anybody, anyone with a clue should ALERT me.

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