Dialogues Of Self And Soul — 1

The Aksara is ‘AUM’ (ॐ)!

She turned her head slightly and looked deep into my eyes.

‘Oh God, she is so beautiful!’ I thought as I looked through half closed eyes.

Then she blinked and a beatific smile appeared on her face.

I almost died!

“I want to ask you something.” She said in a sweet voice.

“Yes, why not?” I responded.

“I know there is something above the skies, beneath the earth, embracing heaven and earth, past, present and future. Tell me in what it is woven into all this like the warp and the woof?”

She spoke gently, looking intently at me all the while.

A shiver ran through my spine.

I took a deep breath to clear my mind, and replied,

“It is ‘Akasha’- the fifth element, which envelopes the entire physical creation.”

Her hand felt warm as her finger clasped my fingers.

She spoke again, almost whispered,

“Then, in what is the ‘Akasha’ woven and rewoven, like the warp and the woof?”

I hesitated, looked into her shining eyes and decided it was time to tell her the whole truth.

“In ‘Aksara’( the imperishable) is the fifth element, woven and rewoven like the warp and the woof. It is neither coarse, nor subtle, neither short nor long, neither red nor white. It is neither light nor darkness. It is without ears, eyes, or mind, or breath, without speech, without smell, without mouth. It has no within and no without.”

I gave her an inquisitive look.

She nodded in comprehension.

It gave me the courage to elaborate further.

“By the command of this Indestructible Being, sun and moon, stars and earth, exist in their places. By the command of this Aksara, minutes, hours, days, nights, weeks, months, seasons and years stand apart.”

I was breathing hard by now, the words flowing spontaneously from my inner being. I closed my eyes.

“That Brahman, although unseen, He sees; although unheard, He hears; although unthought-of, He thinks; although unknown, He knows. There is none that sees but He, there is none that hears but He, there is none that thinks but He, there is none that knows but He. In that Aksara, then, the Akasha is woven and rewoven like the warp and the woof.”

She unclasped my fingers and I felt her changing her posture to lie down flat on her back.

“And the Aksara is ‘AUM’ (ॐ)!” I proclaimed.

A moment later, I opened my eyes- she was not there, she was gone.

A smile of satisfaction appeared on my lips. This indeed being the eternal truth-

Described in Vedas and told by Yajnavalakya to Gargi — more than five thousand years ago.

-I write to explore my spirituality and inner self and I want to share this quest with all of you.

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