To you, you and you. You know who you are.

I still clearly remember that day. I was having a very official chat with my web designer on redeveloping my website. Somewhere in the midst of that conversation, he said, “You write, right? You should get onto Medium.”

That’s all. The conversation steered back to professional jargon and it ended at that.

But the word “Medium” stuck on. I looked it up. Joined the platform, downloaded the app and I was in.

For a week or so I followed many of you stalwarts around. Overwhelmed with the caliber, the passion, and the dedication with which this space flourished was ‘jaw dropping awesome’ to say the least.

I was hooked. Life has never been the same since.

What I am truly grateful for along the way are the priceless connections, the conversations we share, mentor, encourage, motivate, inspire, appreciate…. Just plain listen at times. Without saying a word showing our solidarity with little green hearts.

Or not… at times we agree to disagree, we debate, discuss, rant, vent, have different points of view.

And that’s great too. What a boring world it would be if we all agreed with each other all the time. There would be no ‘Stop! Wake up and smell the coffee’ times, or ‘sleep over it’ thoughts or the beautiful culmination of ‘unity in diversity.’

However it’s unacceptable (to me) when words lose mutual respect. I have no place in my life for those who are rude and abusive or the ones who use crass and crude language to convey their point of view. When people direct that language towards you and make it personal is when I choose not to respond. So I may ignore you. Not so much because I can’t respond but because I don’t want to. I choose not to.

Medium (I believe) is not a platform for sharing that kind of dialogue.

I just hope and pray life allows you kinder words in your vocabulary.

You are entitled to your opinions. I get that.

I am entitled to my choice of words. Respect that.

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