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A little trip over our shoelaces, a coffee spilled and we think: ‘Oh my god, I’m so clumsy!!’; well it could be the case that it was purely an accident; or it can be so recurring that, you just cannot go by a day without accidentally tripping or breaking something; or simply, one of the consequences of anxiety.

Clumsiness has many of its own reasons; and over the 30 articles I’ve read the last few days, not one showed that clumsiness could indeed be hereditary; although a lot talked about learned behavior from childhood.


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The most evident answer would be our lack of concentration; and the key would be to slow down; think and then do our task. Whenever we’re in a rush or when we’re multitasking, our attention is divided so we cannot focus, this makes us clumsy and we end up thinking that something is wrong with us which is not the case.

We can focus and train our brains to only concentrate at one task at a time which will result in the best and the most efficient result.


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children with autism also were proven to be a lot clumsier due to their ‘anxiety’; and it is very clear how anxiety many cause a lot of trembling even in children.

There is also a disease in children called Dyspraxia.

This is a condition that affects your child’s coordination. Children with this disease usually have delayed physical coordination for their age. This isn’t due to learning disabilities or a neurological disorder; just a delay really.

And the solution for this would be breaking down various normal tasks and taking things slowly.

It has also often been discussed that we could be clumsy because our a childhood trauma or just a childhood habit. This seems most likely in cases where early therapy is not given to those and as such they seek comfort in other things and ‘hide’ their pain through clumsiness.

Simply, we’re all very clumsy; nothing to panic. of course, there are some extreme cases where clumsiness becomes your way of life; then it’s better to talk to sometime; if not, most of the time, clumsiness is just a case of poor coordination, so nothing to worry about really.

what you should worry about is what the actions you’re showing a child and what are the things they are being taught. Children tend to copy adults; with this in mind, show your children what’s best for them.



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