Everything Happens For A Reason

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At last, I finally found classroom 4 and was the first student to arrive early. Shortly afterward, another student arrived and we both stood by the door. As time progressed, we both made eye contact, did not say a word to each other and sat in our respective seats. At the time I did not realize that the student across from me in the hall would eventually become my business partner. As the days went by, William and I did not talk to each other until the middle of November. I was waiting in line to ask a question to my professor, while talking to a classmate in Farsi. William approached me and said in Farsi “Dadash Chetori” (brother how are you doing). Finally, for the first time this semester some sort of dialogue had been initiated. Nonetheless, our conversations involved small talk till the end of the fall semester. It would not be until the spring semester that we began establishing common ground between each other.

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January 2016, marked the beginning of a new year and a new chapter in life. I was enrolled in an Accounting II class and was just getting into the stock market. Unlike the previous semester, William and I both talked and sat next to each other. As we sat down, I overheard William talking to a few classmates about how he worked at Popeye's. My brother’s friend also worked at Popeye's, therefore I nonchalantly asked him if he knew him. To my surprise, he did! At that moment we established another common connection between each other. As we started opening up to one another I began telling him how I was getting into stocks. I noticed that William was keen to learning about the markets and always asked me questions about my stocks and was interested in what I had to say. Despite the fact, I did not know much about stocks and was a rookie, I was happy to share what I knew with William. Furthermore, as the semester progressed William and I began to talk less about stocks and more about this idea William had been working on, called Tandem.


Tandem is a hybrid scheduling and event planning app designed to eliminate the hassles of making plans with friends. Our user interface makes it easy for you to create open or private events. Moreover, it allows you to input your personal schedule and choose which friends can see it. With Tandem, you will never have to feel frustrated making plans again. No more texting friends to share personal schedules or to make plans. No more cluttered and annoying group chats. Tandem was designed with simplicity by college students, for college students. Coming soon exclusively for iOS.