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Faith, Prayer, And Values

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I think faith is a wonderful, and beautiful thing. The ideas it’s based off of, are ones that are special. Faith is a tool that is available to us to help us for many different occasions. We often depend on it, when we are in our very worst struggle. Often times, we may even lean on faith, and we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Faith is hope, faith is prayer, faith is believing that a higher power is with us. When I think of the meaning of faith, I feel that it is defined as having a belief in something, even when there may not be specific proof, in which we see.

There was a time in my life where things seemed to be all misery. I wasn’t happy, and I couldn’t find satisfaction. I was merely existing in a world where I couldn’t get a grasp on success, and I felt as is I would never catch a break.

I can admit that my blame often went outward. I think that comes from a way my life once was, where I seemed unable to admit fault or blame on myself. I couldn’t accept my mistakes, and I lived with a chip on my shoulder. I incorrectly thought that the world was at fault, and I was a stepping stone.

I think that it was faith, that became my golden ticket to help me get out of that toxic way of thinking. Faith, and then mindfulness became excellent ways of life that in the long run, made me a happier person.

Now I always had a belief in a higher power. I was raised as a catholic, and I did believe in God. But I think my problem was that at one time, I let it slowly slip out of my hands, and I got further and further from it. I became a person who prayed in a spoiled way. In my prayers I asked for nonsense, and things that were of an artificial nature. I wanted success, riches, and everything just handed to me from God. I wanted it all, and I wanted to skip one important process; that process was all the hard work that was needed.

My hard times are what lead me to a more proper faith. I became more able to see the light, and to see how entitled I seemed to be acting.

With the realization of faith, also came the great gift and skill of mindfulness. Both of those things can be very special. They make the world more able to open up in front of us, and show us the right way. But when you put both of them together, they work off of each other in incredible ways.

Mindfulness is a tool that empowers our view and our approach. We see the truth and the light more freely. The world becomes so much less distorted, when mindfulness can be mastered.

Faith became a truly blessed feeling, when I began to understand it better. It helped me realize that God’s work is awesome, and done often. And I don’t need to see every part of it, in order to believe it. I learned that even when God didn’t instantly answer a prayer, that didn’t mean he wasn’t listening, and it also didn’t mean that I should just give up on prayer.

I understood that sometimes it wasn’t the right time for help, and sometimes it wasn’t the right time for God to answer. But if the prayer was right, and it was something that could help with growth, then it would be answered accordingly, at exactly the right time.

Today faith gives me strength, hope, and trust in believing.

-The End



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