Five Things I’m OVER

Other things, not so much

I took a break from writing pretty much daily, to start exploring Aarish, not in a touchy feely way, but in an intricate assessment of what drives and fuels me, what motivates and excites me and not least what amuses and inspires me.

The list is long. It is (understandably) personal, and moreover, it is completely vexing as a result. Because, as is a theme in my life, it's almost impossible to find things that don't get speak to one or more of my proclivities - but maybe that's where I should start.

So here is a list of stuff that I honestly don’t give a monkey’s (rat’s ass if you don’t get the monkey) about (unless approached with a heavy dose of irony, satire or general irreverence):

1. Whatever the hell the Conmonger(s) in Chief are doing - because quite frankly if it’s not one it’s the other, the game’s never going to change unless we change the players.

2. Climate change denial - the debate is irrelevant, it exists, let's actually attempt to do something rather than debating the debate.

3. Disruption - unless education, financial inclusion, gender equality, social tolerance and a couple of other pretty important global topics such as access to clean water and sustainable food supply are being addressed at a grass roots level then nothing is being disrupted, all we're doing is talking tech.

4. Anything that is 'insert your country here' First - listen guys, I’m an East African of Indian origin who grew up in London (England), has lived in Papua New Guinea and Australia, married to an Italian and who gets a kick out of talking to people from everywhere. From anywhere. You want to do away with globalism? Get rid of every appliance in your house, ditch you phone, Facebook, Instagram and Medium accounts (to name but a few) pull the cover over your head (not to mention the wool over your eyes) and just pretend bigotry posing as nationalism is anything other than a small step away from flags on the street and goose stepping on your neighbours’s neck.

5. The 29 hour news cycle - I've said it before, I'll say it again: I don't need to know what's happening, I just need to know what's going on.

Here's what I'd rather do: seed a thought, spark a conversation, debate a truth, catalyse change, ideate and innovate, lose myself in music, find myself in poetry and revel in some riotous ribaldry.

Dear readers of Medium, let's converse and reverse the perversity.

Walk with me, talk with me, provoke merriment, invoke sentiment.

Let's rid ourselves of the chatter and occupy ourselves with what truly matters (by the way that's not Wall Street).

Aarish out.

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