Giving Customers What They Expect: Garnish with their Meals, Full Solutions and Lots of Options.

  • Don’t Forget a Free Bow.

Seth Godin in his blog post Think about parsley described his disappointing experience of having breakfast at one of the diners in New York. In his humorous article he complained his meal didn’t come with any garnish, which made him feel ripped off. We want that slice of a strawberry, an orange or even a piece of parsley. We usually don’t eat the garnish and yet we notice when it’s not there. The garnish makes the meal look finished showing that the chef pays attention to details.

Customers take it beyond the garnish, they want the full solution and being spoiled by brands which keep delivering more value, they have the power to demand it. We assume that the gift we buy can be wrapped, cars and other appliances come with free warranty, which we extend indefinitely living by the words that customer is always right.

I once got an email from a customer with a complaint that her necklace tarnished. When I asked her when she bought it, she said it was about five years ago and added that it stayed in a good condition until she swam in a lake wearing it. You may wonder how I reacted… I could have gone back and forth trying to prove that she was in the wrong but I chose to send her a new necklace. My generosity paid off as she became my devoted fan spreading the word about Lucid New York jewelry. She ended up buying more pieces and so did her friends who she personally kept bringing to my New York Holiday pop-up shop.

Wanting full solutions, we are willing to stretch our budgets and pay more. We get convinced to buy accessories and other add-ons to get a full experience. Basic options rarely sell because we crave more functions, which we probably won’t use but we do crave them. We want a turnkey solution, reasoning that our time is worth money. This full solution attitude offers a broad variety of options for business owners if we know how to take advantage of it. We now sell series and subscriptions, full outfits and items in different colors packaged together as if they belonged. The free bow is included. Our credit cards get charged recurring payments, which we consciously agreed to because we received two free months.

As creatives, we need to consider full solutions offering bundles, series and collections remembering to include a discount and a free bow because this is expected in today’s world, which overflows with options.


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