Gravity of darkness

By Sania Jain

There is something curious
Curious about dark deeds
That seem to attract me
Pull me to its core
It takes the strength of universe
To recognize it’s a dark hole

It comes wearing a masquerade
A robe of promises and peace
It knocked softly on my door
It had love, friendship, family
Who could ask for more
I held its hand and left being sure

I fell into the gravity of darkness
With no way back home they say
When it’s mask of goodness vanished
Took my hope and courage away
Thick clouds of darkness surrounded
I was one of them, am grey

However dark may be the clouds
They couldn’t soak the light inside me
All I need is a spark of hope
Then the firework you see
Will take me to the sky of lights
To escape the gravity of dark I fight

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