Grow more

Take some time out to throw
a fistful of seeds out the door 
when next you eat a fruit:
and some will surely take root.
Their fruits will be your own,
and will cost you no money;
what’s more, it is widely known
that the tastiest fruits are free.
Leave some beans on a side,
and when next you are unoccupied 
plant some in the ground:
and your beans will be found.
If you ever have spare time,
make use of this blessed clime
and every inch at your disposal
to cultivate your own vegetables.
Not only do you stand to profit,
you also stand to gain merit:
you can take pride in your role
in helping folks reach a goal. 
Remember that you will never repent 
a minute of the time you spent 
growing more food to feed the land: 
for the gains will come to your hand.