Guess one more time about me!

It makes me tickle but you will be in pickle

One of the most common and funny pick up lines used by people to start a conversation with me.

Person X — Let me guess where you are from!

Me — Sure! Go ahead!!! (Devilish smile inside)

Person X — You don’t look like you are from here.

Me — Of course not. (Still smiling inside).

Person X — Are you from Puerto Rico?

Me — (Pout and with eyebrows raised that say ‘Negative’)

Person X — Maybe, Brazil?

Me — (Didn’t give up the pout but raised just one eyebrow this time)

The Person X — Wait! Are you somewhere from Mediterranean?

Me — Well before you guess further, I am from India.

Person X — I should have guessed that I am sorry but I did come close to guessing your country. Mediterranean. You see! Isn’t that’s where India is?

Me- (Trying to find a weapon to bash X up) You got google map on your phone?

Person X — Yeah. Why?

Me- Look up where India is?

Person X — Well why don’t you tell me?

Me — It’s in Asia.

Person X — No way! You don’t look Asian at all.

Me — What?

Person X — haha! You got a good sense of humor. You aren’t from China, Japan, nor Korea.

Me — You know Asia is the biggest continent on Earth!!! Anddd… it has many countries where people don’t look like Chinese, Japanese or Korean or so-called ‘Asian’ due respect though.

Person X — Whoa. I thought India was somewhere near the Arabic countries.

Me — (Thinking how do I give pain to this person?) Well that’s why I said, ‘GOOGLE MAP.’ Anyways got to go. BYE.


This is just one such example. There have been times Latinos have approached me and started talking to me in Spanish. I let them finish and at the end, I reply by saying, “No habla Espanol.”

They get frustrated but I laugh and they join me too. I do make it up to them by calling my Latino friends and solve their queries. I always have a laughable time when people keep wondering what nationality or race I belong to. At times, it does get annoying but it’s still fun. Some people continue the conversation roughly as follows:

Person X — Wow you speak good English for an Indian.

Me — (Thinking is this really a compliment or an insult and the sarcastic B!@#h in me comes out) You knowwww I was raised in an English Medium School just like you were. English may be my second language but I studied it all throughout my life. I admit I have a slight accent and not all Indians are good at speaking English but please don’t generalize or stereotype.

Another one of such conversations I often come across is as follows:

Person X — So what’s your name?

Me — Jagesha

Person X — Do you have a nickname?

Me — Yes, Jay.

Person X — How do you spell it?

Me — (Never knew spelling Jay could be so hard) Jay as in Jay-Z or J-lo.

Person X — Oh that’s cool

Well, I must yield to this one cause even most Indians can’t pronounce my name-Jagesha, in first go. I get surprised if anyone ever does. Growing up I was so mad at my parents to give me such a weird name to which they would defend, “How can you not like your name! It’s such a unique name and it sounds so sweet when we say it. We thought so hard on it and you give us no credit.” In my mind, I would say ‘Really mom!!!’ Now only if my parents knew that people sometimes pronounce my name as Juh(GEISHA) or Juh(GAY)shaw. (Yeah try saying these two names and laugh by all means, as I always do lol.)

Due to such similar and repeated conversations, initially, I used to get annoyed but now I take it with a pinch of salt and laugh at it. Sometimes it has led to meaningful conversations at work and outside, and at times conversations end quite sooner. I have found respectable friends through such interactions. Plus, it has been an excellent ice breaker too.

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