Hey pretty lady — listen !

Hey pretty lady..looking at me as you get ready ? Ready to start another day, shift or a race?

Rummaging for that foundation and concealer to hide the fine lines and dark circles?

They say I dont lie — today no concealer and no foundation can obscure your fine li(n)es that I am gonna show you and remind!”

Hmm..how I love that naive look as if brushing it all aside?

Havent I been showing you the increasing waist line — and you have been dismissing it by saying its all fine. The muffin top you accrued in your achievement list post motherhood — shows it all — shows that you care about everything but yourself! Your complacency saying that its OK for some weight here and there after all am a mommy of two times . As if being in shape was an exclusive privilege that only non-mothers and unmarried women enjoy!

Your statement to your bestie the other day that “It would be difficult to meet as I dont have time.” As you try to take everything on your shoulders, you lie that no one else can manage if you aren’t around. Isn’t that another lie you tell yourself as everything is manageable if you want it to be with some thought and smart delegation! You have forgotten that before a mom you are a woman who deserves hobbies and some free time.The fact is you can take out time!

How you just keep running that race — one shift to other , non stop and unfazed — not paying attention to those pains and aches which keep yelling for your time! As you brush them aside — you quieten them by another lie that over the weekend they surely would get time!

Oh! my murmurs are getting disturbed by the sound of your mobile. Ah! I can see a call from the office ! Something must have broken, some issue may have made an escalation or some deadlines may be on the verge of getting missed!

But doesn’t it ring almost at the same time and the other side checks on your current location, assignments and deadlines? You lie that you would be there, just there and everything would be taken care when the fact is that you are tired as you have been running day after day without a thought about a break!

Dear lady —pause, take a deep breath — today and now — stop procastinating and do what you had been thinking all this while.

Let loose — everything can wait if you decide to take a break!

Oh! now I see a beautiful smile on that pretty face and a resolve to just let it go today!

P.S — This was me, your mirror whom you trust completely on what I show. Truly I dont lie. And sometimes I can talk also as I did just now. You just need to listen!:) Are you listening..

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