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Hillary Clinton Continues To Assure America That It Made The Right Choice

I don’t understand why everyone’s so hard on Hillary Clinton, personally. This great woman has accomplished so much, from being married to Bill Clinton to collapsing the nation of Libya, and here she is creating space in her busy schedule of drinking champagne, assaulting her house servants and masturbating to classified footage of Saudi war crimes to reassure her country that it made the right choice in November. All out of the goodness of her own heart.

Here is an actual, real-life, nonfiction excerpt from the transcript of Clinton’s interview at the 2017 Code Conference yesterday, which I swear I am not making up:

In addition to whatever that was, Clinton also repeated the now fully debunked lie she’s been spreading since October that “seventeen agencies” in the US intelligence community had agreed Russia was to blame for the WikiLeaks releases in the last election cycle, argued that Russia couldn’t have known how to run a propaganda campaign in the United States without insider information from the Trump camp, and blamed her loss on James Comey, treason, misogyny, “weaponized information”, Russia and Wikileaks (which she continues to assert are the “same thing”), fake news, the alternative media, the mainstream media, the right-wing media, social media, the New York Times (yes, that New York Times), the DNC (yes, that DNC), the Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act, unreasonably high expectations that she would win, the Mercers, and bots.

“I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost,” Clinton said.

And there you have it: clear, unequivocal reassurance that the American people did the right thing by refusing to hand that woman the keys to the most powerful military force in the history of civilization. Obviously someone who can’t even take personal responsibility for a poorly-run political campaign would never accept personal responsibility for the lives lost due to any use of the unfathomable killing power she’d have been granted as Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

Can you imagine that total lack of accountability dancing with the power to invade sovereign nations, topple governments, and deploy nuclear weapons?
“Madame President, what happened to the Philippines???”
“Breitbart and Infowars are using weaponized information.”
“But you just carpet-bombed Manila!”
“Umm… Putin?”

This is the same woman who laughed at Gaddafi’s horrific death after the rape of Libya she herself spearheaded, mind you. The woman who wanted to install a no-fly zone in Syria despite top generals warning that this could lead to war with both Syria and Russia. The woman throughout her entire political career has been pushing for disastrous war blunder after disastrous war blunder seemingly at every opportunity, who both loves war and sucks at it. This woman, who continues to demonstrate a complete lack of any personal responsibility for any of her actions, asked the American people to trust her to use the incomparable military power of a US President responsibly.

And that’s on top of, you know, the lying. I know we’ve all been very polite until now about Hillary’s propensity for making stats up on the fly but really, Hills, seventeen intelligence agencies you say? Russia is the “same thing” as WikiLeaks? Well, I’ll be.

Someone who lies, who can’t take responsibility, who blames “fake news” for everything she doesn’t like, who makes hilariously conspiratorial-sounding statements like the “Russian WikiLeaks” nonsense she pulled out of her hoo-ha — does that not sound like another certain 2016 presidential candidate? Hillary would have been Trump with a vagina but without all the eyes on her. Trump but with a complicit media who happily make the case for her alternative facts being true. Trump but with a lust for blood and war.

Americans were given a horrible choice between two historically awful candidates, and they chose the lesser of two evils. We were told that if Trump was elected America would be either a smouldering crater or a goose-stepping fascist dystopia where Muslims are kept in concentration camps by now, and yet seven months later the US is still pretty much the same everyday corporatist bullshit factory Obama left it. We’re all still praying for a miracle to save us from the ecocidal, omnicidal trajectory America’s unelected power establishment has had our planet on, but at least we’re still in the fight. That is likely a lot more than you‘d have been able to say for a war-loving, Russia-hating strategical imbecile with no sense of responsibility for her own behavior.

The mass media machine is trying to force Americans to swallow the belief that they made the wrong choice in November, and that next time they’d better be more obedient and listen to the talking heads on TV. These people are lying, and they are wrong. There is no longer any valid reason to continue settling for this planet-killing oligarchic trajectory any longer. Keeping Hillary out of the White House was a good first step, but it was only a first step, the first of many necessary steps we’ll need to take to turn this thing around and prevent environmental catastrophe or nuclear war.

Don’t listen to them. The plutocrats who own the politicians and the media are not your friend. Refuse to be sucked back into the lie machine and keep shoving the world toward the light. We can have our miracle.

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