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How Being a Straight “A” Student Harms Your Business.


I was always an “A” student.

My secret to scoring straight A’s was to minimize the mistakes in my test.

Ever since I was in school, we were taught that making mistakes is bad and not to make any in your academics.

Because making mistakes meant scoring less.

I carried this “make no mistake, everything should be perfect” approach to business.

My first business failed miserably.

That’s when I realized how business is different from the the classroom setting :

In class you make mistakes, you get punished.

In business you don’t make mistakes, you get punished.

Success in business comes to people who fail fast & recoup from those losses fast.

Take more risks, make more mistakes, double your failure rate and learn faster.

Because there isn’t any textbook out there which you can cram and use to succeed in the real life exam of business.

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Anuj Raman

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