How to Change Your Mindset In Order to Take Massive Action

Graphic by Author

Go into any bookstore and you’ll find countless books that focus on this one concept: Taking Massive Action.

Here’s my issue with the way taking “massive action” is encouraged:

The approach does not allow space to understand why we haven’t taken massive action in the first place.

In order for us to take massive action, we have to understand ourselves first. There are so many books, podcasts and blog posts focused on this subject and there is one very important piece missing from the narrative:

Understanding yourself and why you haven’t taken massive action in the first place.

This is required in order to change anything about our lives, otherwise we will keep falling back into the same patterns.

Replace the word “massive action” with any other phrase…

…losing weight
…starting a business
…making a career change

All of these things are life-changing goals and we tell ourselves we’re going to do them without first understanding why we’ve decided not to in the first place.

We must understand that our lives are fueled by our thoughts. Our thoughts create our emotions.

Every single thing we do in our lives is because of how we think it will make us feel.” — Brooke Castillo

We need to change those habits of thinking, which result in habitual behaviors, in order to truly change ourselves and our lives.

Many people take the route of reading something inspiring and decide they’re going to change their lives. I’ve done this countless times. However, many of them — myself included — end up falling into the same patterns. It is so much harder to create a new lifestyle until we understand why we have the one that we do in the first place. We need to know why we are doing what we’re doing.

There is a reason we’ve decided not to work out.
There is a reason we aren’t serious about making more money.

There is always a reason, and without knowing our thought patterns and how we truly feel, we’re not going to be able to take massive action.

And, by the way, what really is massive action?

Massive action is taking action until you get the result that you want.

It isn’t just trying once. It isn’t failing once and then quitting. It is to literally keep trying until you get the result you want.

This includes possibly failing many times over and getting back up to try again.

Asking yourself whether or not you will be successful isn’t the right question.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to fail over and over again until you get the result you want. Ask yourself if you can handle rejection. Ask yourself if you can handle being humiliated in front of friends and family when no one buys your product. Can you handle the emotions that come from these experiences and then get back up afterwards to try again?

The worst that could happen are the emotions that follow. Anything we are afraid of is how we believe it will make us feel. The humiliation, the failure, the terror… are all things we can deal with in order to get the results we want. They are feelings and they will teach us, help us grow and enhance and inform our experiences.

We must replace our old thought patterns with new ones if we want to create lasting change.

Here’s a suggestion for a new thought pattern: I can handle ANY emotion in order to get the result I want.

Let’s understand ourselves first and THEN take massive action.