How to Get the Answers You Seek Without Trying

How to Surrender.

The Third Eye Chakra symbolizes connection with your intuition, your highest truth and the divine. You are safe to see the truth. Graphic by me.

Trying is defined as,

Making an attempt or effort to do something.

If you’re like me, you have no idea what the hell is going on most of the time. You’re just following and trusting this inner voice and energy that guides you.

That’s okay because you don’t need to know what’s going on. You’re never going to know. You don’t have to try to know, because you’re not here to know. You’re a point of possibility. A point of infinite potential. Think of all the things you could do right now and in every instant. It is your decision to pick which one of those possibilities is worth your soul’s effort.

All you need to know is what you’re being called to do.

But what if you’re lost?

Being lost is the act of believing that you do not have the answers you seek.

You are an energetic being and you vibrate at a certain frequency. When you are in a state of confusion, telling yourself “I don’t know,” you make it much harder to become an energetic match to the answer. When you are in a perpetual state of believing that you don’t know, you block the answer from being revealed to you.

The truth is that the answer has always been there for you. We all came into this life for a purpose; we all know what we’re here for. We have simply forgotten by becoming so distracted by what society tells us and what’s expected of us that our connection with our higher self — the all-knowing, all-loving totality of our soul consciousness — has become weakened.

Embrace the silence. Breathe in. Close your eyes. The answers will come through when you are not trying to force them to. Surrender.

And now ask:

  1. What difference did I come here to make?
  2. What is ahead for me?
  3. What wants to be expressed?
  4. Where would you have me go?
  5. What would you have me say?
  6. What would you have me do?
  7. How can I serve?

And, powerful questions from Michael Beckwith:

  1. What is the vision for my life?
  2. What is the universe seeking to express through me?
  3. What is the idea the universe is trying to make as my life?
  4. What is trying to emerge?
  5. What must I become to manifest my vision?

You will see that a feeling, a voice, an inner knowing will begin to emerge. You came here to offer a gift to the world and that is not something the soul forgets.

Imagine you have the most incredible, valuable item. It will enhance all those around it. It has the ability to bring love and joy to all those who enter its presence; it can emanate love and beauty, radiance and positivity. It can move a room of people.

That is you.

You are a radiant being with infinite energy; you are here to express your truest self.

When we’re following our ego, it’s easy to feel like we’re just living our lives. That is the struggle we’ll always face as human beings: follow our ego or our higher self. The ego has it’s own agenda: it does not want to be destroyed, it wants to look good and it wants to be satisfied. It is so important to always tune in and ask powerful questions. Your higher self always knows the answers. You just have to surrender and listen.

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