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Hurt People Hurt People— Period.

And How Can People Not Hurt?

Eldra Jackson’s journey goes from abuse — to a life of crime — to prison — to freedom. And not only freedom from an external prison but from an internal one as well.

Our own journey may not be as extreme as Eldra Jackson’s. We may not have ended up in a physical prison but it’s likely that everyone of us can relate to being in some kind of inner prison of confusion, fear, stress, negativity, self loathing and on and on. And not only can we relate to how awful that inner hurt feels — but also how awful it feels when that hurt lashes out and hurts others.

So how do we free ourself from this inner prison of hurt?

Some helpful pointers in Eldra Jackson’s video about how he found his way out are:

I heard my breath — I listened.

There was an opening — an opening that provided a space for inquiry.

I grew to know the taste of freedom. Freedom from fear …self-hate … self-imposed captivity -and once I tasted it for the first time my appetite became insatiable.

This journey of Self-discovery demanded I learn to surrender.

For me, this surrendering is a kind of relaxing and it has two parts to it — a ‘relaxing out of’ and a ‘relaxing into’. We relax out of our ‘stinking thinking’ — the untrue programmed thinking we have about ourself. And we relax into what is actually true about ourself.

And one reliable measuring stick we can use to know the difference between what is true about us and what isn’t true is: what is true does not hurt in any way whatsoever.

When our programming runs the show then our thoughts, feelings and actions scream:

I am flawed, worthless, need to be fixed, I need something to make me whole. My value needs to be earned and maintained.

And when the noisy programming is no longer taken seriously, we can begin to get a sense — a real feel — for what’s been whispering all along:

Nothing is lacking. I am whole already. Nothing more is needed. My value is innate and unconditional.

When we learn to trust what doesn’t hurt then what doesn’t hurt begins to take hold.



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Dhyana Stanley

Dhyana Stanley


I’m interested in what works — internally and externally. Author, meditation teacher.