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I wish people would stop telling me to settle

The full-time vs part-time work conundrum. Do we pursue our passion projects or shun them in favour of boring, safe work?

I’ve been dwelling on the thought, recently, that maybe our schooling education has been prepping us to get the ‘shit end of the stick’ so to speak, once it spews us out into the working world, as young adults.

That, perhaps all ‘school’ and our education system has done is prepared us all to be fantastic little robotic, task performers. To fill jobs and perform a role, within a company, that doesn't really give a damn about the individual who is performing it, doesn't nurture that individuals unique skill set and passions or provide an outlet for their creativity.

The education system it seems, help us get a grasp on the basics, ultimately promoting obedience and passivity so we become productive members of society, to then go on and fill one of these mind-numbing and rather meaningless ‘roles’ for the rest of our adult life.

Ash Ambridge, entrepreneur and author says;

If you look at the term “Productive” from an economic standpoint, productive doesn't mean independent, creative or intelligent, it means “obedient”. Takes direction, plays nice with others. A model student.

And I can’t help but notice that I am currently the definition of this, working in the corporate world, 9–5 to perform a role which is, in the scheme of things, not meaningful or nurturing my creativity.

And I don’t mean to be negative about it when I say it. I’m merely making an observation and I’m exploring it, non-judgementally, while I figure out what to do about it.

It’s no secret, in my social circles, that for the last six months I‘ve been somewhat consumed by the idea of dropping down to part-time hours at my current full-time position.

Will I? won’t I?

Can I afford it?

Can’t I have both; reduce my hours but keep the same income?

Not really, is my answer to that second one. But I’m willing to live a little more modestly if it means I have more time to work on my passion projects, and to finish off my study.

It all comes down to your values. Over and over again I’ve asked myself: What do I value more, TIME or MONEY?

Or, rather, having more time and less money, or having more money but less time?

The question is, do you feel passionately enough about your ‘projects’ that you are willing to change your working life for it? Potentially quit your job for a part-time job (pending bosses reaction)?

The answer, for me, is and always has been, a wholehearted - YES.

The (unsolicited) advice on the matter though, from those around me, has been far from supportive. One person recently suggesting:

“Just wait, Bec. You’re about to get married, in a few years you’ll be having kids and you’ll be home all the time. Just wait till then to work on your projects”


“Lots of people have to work five days. They don’t have the luxury of working part-time, especially at our age. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Over and over it was the same message:

  • Accept your discontent. Nobody likes working full-time but we all do it;
  • You’re really asking for too much.

But, you know what?

They’re all fucking wrong.

People, like me, work 5 days a week — or don’t — because thats’ what they have chosen for themselves. If they want to work less but say they cant afford it then, it’s my humble opinion that they aren't being creative enough to find a solution to that problem. Or, they simply don’t want it bad enough to try.

And as for waiting till you’re a stay-at-home-mum; sorry, but I just cant hit ‘pause’ on my passions and desires like, “If you could just stop being appealing to me for now, then I’ll come back to you in approximately 24–36 months. Okay? Thanks”

And who says the ‘timing will be right’ then, anyway? Mum’s don’t have it easy, they have the sleep deprivation and ARE STILL TIME POOR, are they not?

I don’t agree with ‘shunning’ you’re hearts desires and not pursuing your passion projects as everyone else around me seems to be suggesting. If I’ve learnt anything from the last four years of my self-development obsession, it’s that, that is a recipe for unhappiness.

If something stops working for you or is taking away from your happiness instead of contributing to it — please value yourself enough to change it.

Luckily my beautiful partner has been so supportive of me, as I’ve continually ‘butted my head against the wall’, trying to figure out the best way to approach this change of attitude towards ‘work’.

So, today is Sunday, down here in Straya (Australia) and I’m armed and ready for this ‘chat’ with my boss, come Monday morning, to reduce my working hours. I hope that it will be painless and easy enough to get his approval, but, if it’s not, then I welcome any new working opportunity that will give me that flexibility — and I have trust in the Universe that it’ll work out how I need it to.

Anyone currently sailing through the same merky waters, I’d love to hear from you.

x Bec



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