It is the right time for the ‘New man’ to emerge.

The ‘old man’ worked hard to eradicate the fear of the wild beasts, global wars, famines and epidemics of diseases, as he laid the foundations of the modern society.

The old man succeeded!

We do have the affluence, higher income, good health, faster transportation and communication today.

But in the process the old man led the society into the present abyss where the man has become the greatest enemy of man!

Politicians, bankers, big corporates, media and military heads rule the world.

The common man with his modest means finds it frustrating to live in the modern society where everything is for sale. He has the terror attacks, random shootings of innocents, racism, religious intolerance and life style diseases constantly waging a war upon him.

Today, Ignorance and intolerance is leading to baseless discriminations while idiotic superstitions and rotten ideologies are fuelling hatred.

This is the age of spiritual cannibalism! Where the society constantly devours everyone’s spiritual vitality.

Somewhere far along this road to success the old man lost his soul, he failed!

The moment is at hand, the modern society needs a change. The old man with all his rigidness, fears and anxieties has to go!

It is time for the ‘New man’ to emerge and save the society from extinction.

The new man- the rebel: The man who says: “I will not run anyone’s life — nor let anyone run mine. I will not judge anyone. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself to anyone — nor sacrifice anyone to myself.”

He is the rebel, who refuses to be slaved in any way- not even by God. By man is out of question!

His approach is positive and he worships freedom, love, silence, truth and spiritual enlightenment. He tries to live more naturally, more lovingly, more peacefully, enjoying all the riches and gifts life provides.

He, who is not only a spiritualist or a materialist but a perfect synthesis of both!

He, who proposes to ride a wave of absolute freedom of expression and bring back human dignity and changes the spiritual destiny of his fellow men.

Jesus, Buddha, Mahaveer, Mahatma Gandhi, mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King - they were the new men.

We are the new men!

He lives in you and me, we only have to go inside and look!

This is the second installment in the three part series, ‘ It is the right time to replace religion with Dharma’.

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