It’s a Hat-trick!

A parody on my 2 mins of fame

I don’t think they understand. The Medium (homepage) staff that is.

They don’t understand the euphoria of waking up to three glorious black trophies staring at you in your notifications. Almost like awards waiting to be claimed. And as your finger rushes to click on them, like the opening of that quintessential envelope which declares which one is the winner, you are transformed. In that moment Cinderella’s godmother pays you a freak visit and all of a sudden you feel beautiful, dressed in a spectacular evening gown, walking onto Medium’s center stage… oops I mean home page! You do this as gracefully as your excitement permits, scrolling through other great artists, writers, poets… for a moment you are overwhelmed and overawed. So many around you here speak with so much eloquence… gingerly you scroll up the ramp to collect your reward. Not one, not two but three. It’s raining sparkles all around.

You then think of making prolific speeches… profound words you had once heard others use and they had remained with you in the hope you’d get to say them one day too.

“I think my mother will be proud of me tonight.” — Phil Collins

This isn’t my first time here. This isn’t my last time here. These aren’t the last words I’ll share. But just in case, I’m trying my hardest to get it right this time around.” — Sarah Kay

These and many such thoughts do a happy jig as you find the spotlight with your name on it. Where? I hear you ask. In the poetry section…

But before you can make an acceptance speech you realize your 2 mins are up and you need to make way for the many others who make this place a starry space. All you manage to gush from the bottom of your hearts epiglottis is a genuine THANK YOU (to the power of 3)… and hope they’ll understand.