It’s the way you take it

Fiercing beauty it was as she unlatched her eyes, the Hazeled photons straight from the sun brightened her face. Diamond studded chandelier with dim yellow light was the only vision. The royal bed and embroidered sheet with magnificently perfect lamp on the right side of the bed, exactly how she wanted, gave a pleasant sleep. Equipoised herself to put on her bra and other accessories. Her rapunzelled hair waved with the wind , the bangles in her hand sang with the movements, smudged eyes said a lot, but no one to listen. From the geniality of the blanket she put her legs in Crox and moved out. The anklet in her leg was the only source of melody in the whole hushed abode. Gradually she moved by the entrance only to pass by a waiter with different colored drinks. With glitter she chose the blue one, her favorite, one can guess with her eyes. With just one sip, something stuck her hard, she was missing on something. She went back to the bed and poked the person and said, “Sir my money for the last night? “

She was getting late for the next client. Prostitutes should be punctual too.