photo captured by Anete Lusina

Journal Entry 005

thoughts on intimacy and silence

The most intimate experience you can share with a person: sitting together in silence. Complete silence. No forced small talk or meaningless chit-chat. Just you two, sharing a space. Experiencing silence, together.

How honest things become once you stop relying on words for truth and security. Through silence we are vulnerable. We allow ourselves to be seen, and unwillingly surrender our truths.

The vibrations don’t lie.

It’s hot.To me, when you reach this level of comfort and familiarity in a relationship — whether it be romantic or platonic — you’ve struck gold.

You’ve landed beyond heights unknown, to a space where few dare venture. How lucky you are. This quiet space is sacred. It becomes a sweet spot. Anything is possible here. Conversational limitations are dismantled, and true discovery begins.

Through that silence we coexist. We share the air. We connect through vibrations and signals. Small, subtle nuances are shared. In this silence we are able to recalibrate, reconnect, reflect and relax. Together

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