Make peace with your Past.

Waving that white flag past the depths of your thoughts is one of the things people resent the most. Every tiny brain cell seems to be gripped to the minutest of all details.

Some memories are meant to be cherished, some to be forgotten and some to be erased the minute it breaches the holy grail of wishful thinking. Some events mark the beginning, some the end and some soon to be forgotten. Why is it that the latter category is usually the one gets etched in one’s brain? That indelible impression on one’s memory that pops up with every two blinks.

It sometimes isn’t just your past that affects you, it’s others’ too. For some reason you just can’t get past the baggage and reach out to the other side. You, instead chose to clog your mind in the most ineffable way with the most insignificant of all things.

There’s a reason it’s called the past. Your past. Their pasts. It’s done. Done and dusted. Nothing can possibly be done about it. No amount of reaffirming can perpetuate what’s been left behind. Regardless of how much you miss it or want it, it isn’t coming back. It isn’t going to take a life of its own all of a sudden and just magically make things better or worse.

You could be a complete wreck, on your way to being one or on a recovery from one. None of these scenarios emanate fragrances of attraction. But at some point, everyone goes through this. Everyone gets their hearts broken, stepped on and crushed beyond repair. Your journey isn’t all that different from the rest but how you chose to approach it matters.

You could let it wreck pandemonium on your thought process. The second that happens the negativity spirals uncontrollably. It leaps to bounds never quite known to you. And for some reason, it affects every single thing you do. It’s easy to retract into a shell of resentment. All it takes is one downside to the seemingly endless upsides. It’s the crawling out of that shell that’s the hard part.

There’s a constant struggle, a battle of some sorts to somehow get to the bottom of things. The how’s, the why’s and the who’s. What you call closure. But closure doesn’t come from answers to a bunch of questions. Sometimes what you don’t know, turns out to be the best damn thing. Closure comes from that first step. Acceptance. Even if you had all the answers, you wouldn’t be able to change anything. All you have to do is accept it as it is. It is what it is and it’s not what it’s not. Nothing can be done about it. You have to address it and dig deep if you have to. And at some point it will dawn upon you. Something will surface and when it does, that’s where closure begins. You have to decide that you want to get over it. And just saying that doesn’t make it any easier. But it’s the first step.

Even though there are parts you regret and hope to change, you can’t. Letting it wreck your well being isn’t going to propel you forward. All it does is retard your growth. You don’t need that. You don’t deserve that. All it takes is some time. Some deep soul searching to find that realization is what you owe to yourself. Answers spring in from no where. When they do, it’s a different feeling all together.

Someday, somewhere, somehow, you will forget the past. It will be a distant memory that fades away with every fleeting second. Your past teaches you things; things about yourself, people around you and situations. It paves the way for your future. Everything happens for a reason. And it’s funny how true that saying is.

Pick up that flag and wave it. Wave that white flag and end the conflict.

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