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Mothers have Supernatural power!!!

Everyone would have experienced.

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Everyone would have started reading this article because you noticed the title as it would have brought you here. I am going to share about my mom, and it is not only about my mom everyone one have experienced at least one thing which I will be saying now.

Your mother keeps everything perfectly. When you take an oil bottle and just kept a little from its original place. After a few minutes when you come back it will be in the exact place.hahaa.. its no one your mother who knows where everything should be.

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She is a multitasker. She will be cooking at the same time she will be watching her favourite program. And even, notices you whether you are chatting with someone. She is always super cool. When she gets angry, she scolds as hell. But when we are, she will be in complete silence. Even she acts like doesn’t hear us haha haha.

She has a superpower that she won’t clean when you are free but when you are watching something important she will be cleaning the tv.

Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash

After you drink coffee, you keep that cup in your table. But your mom wants it to be in the sink. You will be busy doing something she will be calling you continuously for 2 minutes, but you will say coming mom. But after 5 minutes when you look at your cup it won’t be on the table it will be washed and kept. When you look at your mom, she will be sitting patiently and watching tv. Oh my gosh!! What a fast that’s what I think in my mind.

When you fight with your father, he takes time to speak with you. But your mom is different she cares you. If she has three children, she takes care of them in the same way.

Most of the time you forget something and your mom find and gives it to you.

When you have so many struggles, and you get stressed out, at that time when you hug your mom, you feel comfortable and relaxed. She has such power. She is the creature who gets stressed out when you go out with your friends and forget to call her before the end of the day.

Sometimes she may act like a kid. You act like her mother, but she will be the best mom.

She has a small circle of people and wants them to be happy all the time. And at the same time when your mom is not happy and then the whole day is stressful even for us. Because she won’t cook, she shows anger to us we get stressed out. When your mom is happy, the day will be heaven. Everyone would have noticed it.

It is a little about moms power bur there are so many things hidden. If, you have experienced such thing comment it. Love your mom. Follow for more thoughts!!




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