Parents and Their Emotional Blackmail


After the recent hate crime attacks on the Indians and following Trump’s racist remarks on the immigrants; my dad called me in despair to make sure I was okay. Well, my dad knew I wasn’t one of the Indian victims but like every typical Indian parent, he still called to make sure I was alive. I was half asleep and replied to him halfheartedly. I tried to hang up but he wouldn’t let go. 
Then the typical emotional television (Ekta Kapoor style) like drama ensued. He stated how he had changed his mind on visiting me in U.S.A. and that I should pack my bags and move back. Already irritated by now I shouted, “Pappa!! What’s wrong with you? Everyone isn’t after me. At least not just yet.” With typical emotional blackmail, he said, “But what if someone tries shooting you! America has gotten dangerous.” I couldn’t take it and responded, “Dad I am not coming back and no one is coming after me and no one has the free time to come kill me. So please can I get back to sleep?”. Like any other needy parent, dad said, “You don’t understand now but when you become a parent you would know. Now with our little remaining life do you want us to keep worrying whether you are alive or not?” I was wishing this wasn’t my dad speaking but someone my age so I could yell at that person and say yes instead; I said, “Dad please find a better excuse to make me visit you guys. This reasoning clearly isn’t working.” Dad in his melodramatic tone continued the emotional blackmail, “You don’t read the news these days. You young generation don’t know what’s happening in the world. You being stubborn as usual won’t ever listen huh!! We are anyways getting old. When we die you will regret not visiting us enough.” Then a voice started yelling my dad, it was my mom who is hard of hearing and tried to grasp the communication also wanted to add her own piece of mind but thankfully this time it was for dad, “Don’t trouble her. She must be asleep. Jagesha is strong so no one can hurt her and guns are illegal in U.S.A. Plus, it has strict laws for women so she will be safe.” I and dad both laughed wishing only if mom knew the gun laws here and only if she would have seen the news. 
I tried calming dad down and hung up but couldn’t stop laughing at how parents will use any excuse to see us kids. I understand they are old and vulnerable but it’s just funny how they turn any situation into emotional blackmail. I feel in their retired life they spend all their time scheming to call us and make us visit them. I had just visited them a few months back but my mom already feels it’s been years.

Jokes apart I do understand what parents go through on hearing such attacks in any part of the World. Let us all hope for the best and R.I.P. the souls of the victims and prayers for their families.

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