Progressives Don’t Need The Far-right In Order To Gain Republican Voters And Beat The Establishment

There’s this piece I encountered today on Medium which really got me on my nerves, which is called “The American Left Sucks At Collaboration” by Independent Journalist Caitlin Johnstone. She states clearly how, in her opinion, the American Left is just almost incapable of doing a collaboration with other electoral forces because “American Leftists fight each other on a daily basis” instead of collaborating with one another.

Caitlin, sorry but I need to ask you this question: Are you blind? I’m being serious. You need to be blind to not see that progressives are reaching out to Republican voters across the nation.

I’d say “I don’t blame you for not knowing this since you’re in Australia.”, but I’m in Mexico and I know this pretty well.

Have you heard of Our Revolution? Justice Democrats? Brand New Congress? They’re constantly trying to reach out voters regardless of their party affiliation. They use a leftist populist message to reach out voters. A clear example is this Town Hall Bernie Sanders did in West Virginia (a State which voted heavily for Trump) and thanks to his economic message, everyone ended applauding him:

And you know what? Everyone got to applaud Bernie without having a far-right rape apologist and racist Mike Cernovich sitting beside him, or any Alt-Right member.

Progressives don’t need to ally with the Alt-right, not just because they’re an ultra-minority, but because they are part of the Establishment.

Don’t you remember who’s the President of the United States? It’s Donald Trump.

Don’t you remember who’s his White House Chief Strategist? It’s Steve Bannon.

Both praised, adored and worshiped by the Alt-right.

The Alt-right has people in the White House. How many people do progressives have in the White House? None. Zero. Nada.

So why do we say “They are the anti-Establishment right” when they have people within the Establishment?

The Alt-right supports things that the Establishment has done forever: hating the poor, People of Color, Women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, Socialists, Lefties, Environmentalists, Immigrants, Religious minorities, etc.

They embody the Establishment.

Some say “they are anti-war”, but well Steve Bannon is currently trying to privatize the war in Afghanistan along with Kushner, so please tell me: how is that anti-war?

Others say they are “good on economics”, but how can they be good on economics when they want to quit the rights of PoC and Women? That’s technically advocating for inequality, including on economics.

They may be against Mainstream Media, but the media outlets they support are even worse than Mainstream Media in some aspects. Breitbart (probably the most famous one) inflames racism, xenophobia, sexism, and other horrific things into their viewers. They also post a lot of fake news. So how different are they from Mainstream Media? They lie, they try to manipulate their viewers with fearmongering, and they try to push their agenda instead of being factual and trying to speak truth to power.

We cannot ally with a group that is technically the same as the Establishment, but way more inflammatory.

Progressives don’t need the far-right to win over voters. We can do it on our own. Our agenda is great, and we can see it reflected on Bernie’s success, since he is now viewed as the most popular politician in America, and no, there’s not a far-right lunatic like Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum on the top 10 list.

Some say “We should ally with Libertarians.” I agree with that to some extent, only because we have more common ground with them than with Neo-Nazis. Libertarians have excellent foreign and social policies, while the Alt-right has probably the worst social policies out there, and when it comes to foreign policy, they have a lot to wish for. Libertarians have a horrendous economic policy, while the Alt-right’s bae, President Trump, is doing trickle down economics on steroids.

Something else that is troubling is the efforts of some people of the left to normalize the Alt-right just so other lefties can fall in line and ally with them. Remember: Average Joe Republicans are not White Supremacists, sexists, homophobes, and corporatists. Caitlin Johnstone would think otherwise though:

Not only did you say a racist statement, but you also said “White Americans”, excluding yourself since you’re Australian. How nice.

So this is my last question to all the Lefties wanting to collaborate with Nazis: you claim you can’t work with Neoliberals because they’re corrupt and racist, so why do you rationalize working with the Alt-right if they’re also corrupt and even more racist?

Please answer me in the comments, because I can’t get this through my head.

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