Questions to Consider

It’s okay to fill yourself with melancholy, madness, nostalgia, despair because without feeling these emotions so intensely, you won’t know the world as well as you do if it weren’t for these dark feelings. These dark feelings are an integral part of this world, why not live with them as much as or at the same level as lighter, more carefree feelings?

Have you ever felt haunted by having broken up a friendship with someone? Have you felt haunted by the sound of that person’s voice? The words that that person used to write to you? By that person’s face? Have you ever ended a friendship that ended badly, that you don’t think it’s worth restarting but you miss that person anyway?

How often, in your everyday lives, do you wish you could know the life stories of people who don’t speak your language? How often do you wonder about the people you see every day who don’t know one word of your language?
I wonder how often we take the time to ponder about this?

Why are so many people working so hard to live? I read stories about long working hours, overtime hours and I’ve been thinking about people who are alive and working; not alive and living. To those people who work long hours, do you work
long hours for things or for yourself? Do you work hard to live?

Do you believe that there is someone out there for everyone? Honestly, I’m not sure if this is plausible (and I’m not being pessimistic, only not allowing my possibilities to be limited).

What can I possibly do for someone who has absolutely no interest in anything? What could such a person be missing? My mother is bored. Nothing interests her at all. Every activity is boring. Grass, trees, fresh air are boring. Everything is just boring. She’s so bored by this world, period. Is this a matter of trying to ignite interest in something in her? What could be wrong? I imagine that this is a struggle that many people face

I’m not free. I haven’t felt fully free in my entire life. I feel that any feeling of happiness is being impeded by my not being free. I let people’s feelings consume me; I can’t not care. I care a lot. I don’t know how to unburden others’ feelings off my shoulders. I’m not free. I’m a prisoner. 
 Are you doing everything — absolutely everything — that you want to do?

When I see people’s eyes water, I feel very, very sad. Going to work and seeing students look so sad really, really brings me down. It brings me down so much that I don’t feel like going to work sometimes. I feel powerless as to what to say. I feel bad for not knowing how to make people laugh, not knowing how to make them happy. Just a glimpse of a sad face hurts me a lot. 
 How can I learn not to feel so strongly?

So many tragic events are committed by far too many people that I wonder about the expression “Live and let live”. I don’t like imposing ideas on anyone but is there a way to lessen the number of tragedies that occur all the time if perhaps people are told that they are wrong sometimes for believing in something so strongly and expressing it? Hatred is prevalent. Should there be some sort of interference in easing one’s hatred, one’s unreasonable, illogical contempt toward something that hasn’t done anything to hurt them? Or maybe we should just accept hatred as a part of life (which I wish we didn’t; I wish we didn’t tell ourselves to let people live and hate)?

Has there ever been a time in your life when people have come and gone, come and gone? Has there ever been a period in your life when there isn’t anyone in your life and you are all alone and you don’t quite know what to do with yourself? When and how have you come to peace with your lonely condition?

How long have you stayed friends with someone who has only ever been sad? Is ending a friendship with someone who couldn’t feel better a reason to end the friendship?

Has anyone ever wondered why they haven’t met The One? Has anyone also wondered what they have to change about themselves or what they are doing wrong for The One not to have come yet?

Does unconditional love exist? Has it ever existed? I actually wonder sometimes how can we love someone, really, without conditions. I don’t tolerate the least bit of abuse, or a small but offensive joke. Or the fact that I return to my serious, brooding mood is a condition that I’m aware that a potential suitor may hope I don’t have. I feel that unconditional love is the stuff of fairy tales.

How long has it taken you to get over someone whom you used to talk to regularly? Someone who once had a special place in your heart? How long did it take you to feel better? 
 “Time heals all wounds”
Do you think this is more true than false or more false than true (generally)? Or does this depend strictly on a case by case basis? I’m not sure if time heals all wounds.

How would the world be if no one wrote nor read?

Is it possible to learn a language well without learning anything about the culture that the language belongs to?
I have met more students who have admitted to having no interest in learning about English-speaking cultures but hope to learn English in order to get a promotion or to study better in university (as many articles are published in English and many classes are instructed in English) than students who hope to use it abroad for travel or to live.
What are your thoughts on this? Have you managed to learn a language well without learning anything about its culture?

What makes certain people naturally attracted to knowing more? To think differently from the status quo? To question it? Is this something we are born with or does this interest, this curiosity have to be developed? Maybe it depends on our satisfaction of the world? Different things satisfy different people. I’ve never felt satisfied, to be honest. I’ve always seen something wrong with the world. I’m an ultra-sensitive person so I feel too much from what’s wrong in the world

Should a married couple be obligated to live together? Why is it that when two people marry, they automatically live together? Can they perhaps be married and live in separate homes? If you have promised yourself to each other, committed to each other, then is it logical to live separately? Is the marriage experience more enhanced by living together?

Should I allow people to live their lives never realizing that they have enough? There are many people who don’t think they have enough of anything when, actually, they have more than enough food to eat, access to water, electricity, etc., and enough money to buy clothes and go on a trip.
If someone close to you feels this way, would you let this person continue to not realize that they have enough things?

What in your life fulfills you right now?

What does it mean to “actually having lived”?

Without friends, without family, are you really anything?

What are different ideas you have for opening minds?

Does my problem come from being aware that I am unfulfilled?

Do you think that people are out of reach of each other due to language barriers? Is there a way to reach other people despite language barriers? If so, how? What do you think?

If you ask me, I am a bit of a romantic and I think people can reach each other in spite of not speaking the same language. It’s because no one is born with language.

How does one teach gratitude? Maybe more than that, how can one make gratitude more of a permanent state? I mean, a state that is more or less constant and present.

Are there any advantages in feeling unrequited love? 
 Is love perhaps partly described as thinking about a certain person every day, perhaps for a large part of the day?