(Re) Setting of Intentions

PS — I wrote this entirely for me and not for you at all

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Me, three weeks ago:

“No alcohol all of next week. I’ll eat lots of veggies. Exercise. Write. Reply to email. I’ll do all the things. Repeat.”

Me, right now:

Think bigger

Think bigger because I’ve realized my short-term goals are bound to fail if they don’t fit into a bigger picture of where I’m going or what I’m doing or the version of me I want to be. They’re too easy to dismiss and put off until next week, or the week after that, or the week after that. It’s too easy to make excuses when your life is really just one excuse to the next, when the weekdays are just a means to the weekends, but then the weekends run over into the weekdays and it’s all just a mess of laze.

So I’m hitting reset. Because when something isn’t working — something that usually works, something you know worked in the past, but for some reason it’s not working right now — the best way to fix it is to unplug it and plug it back it again. Shut down, and restart. CTRL + ALT + DELETE. Take out the Mario cartridge and blow out the dust. We all know this. It’s common knowledge: when something doesn’t work, you fix it by hitting the reset button.

The Big Intentions

(Numbered for convenience but not to convey priority)

  1. Create good habits. Maintain them.
  2. Make the cycle positive.
  3. Feel your feelings. Do not consume them in alcohol format.
  4. Eat nourishing food. Fuel your body.
  5. Look forward. Past is past.
  6. Love harder.
  7. Be honest.
  8. Reach out.
  9. Let people in.
  10. Don’t let anger win. Bitter is never a good look.

The Details

(let’s continue numbering)

11. Do yoga! For the benefit of your soul, do yoga! Once a week. Wednesday mornings. Just fucking do it because every time you do, you feel better. You know you do. Stop telling yourself sleep is better because it isn’t and you’re not sleeping anyway, you’re lying in bed wide awake feeling guilty for skipping yoga.

12. Don’t drink booze. Stop. For a while. Because you work too hard to waste your body on empty calories. And because you’re a perfectly fine, lovable sober person, too. Maybe treat yourself to an ice cream cone every now and then instead. Rainbow sprinkles are good for your spirit.

13. Write. You don’t need to make time to write. The time is there, you just need to use it for writing. So do that.

14. Be productive at work. If only because checking things off as “done” feels good. Get that shit done. In bits and pieces, get it done.

15. Stop being angry at the tourists. Yes, they walk slow. Yes, they don’t know how to drive in rotaries. Yes, they’re generally douchey. But, they’re the reason the roads get nicely repaved twice a year. They’re the reason snow removal is pretty good. Besides, they come just to visit and you get to live here. Be grateful. Breathe in the ocean.

16. Talk to your brothers more often.

17. When you wake up at 5 AM and can’t sleep, don’t lie in bed and look at memes on your phone. Read. Write. Make coffee. Do something. Anything. Like yoga.

18. Drink more water. Put lemon in it because that’s the only way you’ll drink more.

19. Buy lemons every week.

20. Limes too.

21. Clean out your car. Clean the outside of your car, too. It’s a mess. You can even pay people to do this for you. Do that. Be an adult.

22. Don’t feel bad about being okay alone. You’re not really a people person and never have been so all the times you just want to be alone — that’s totally okay. And the times when you don’t want to be alone and actually want to interact with people — that’s okay too. Send a text. They won’t think you’re lonely or creepy. They’ll just think you’re a person. And you are.

23. Don’t pick at pimples on your face. Stop that already. It never helps. Just leave them alone and they’ll go away and odds are nobody even notices them anyway. They only notice after you squeeze them and make your face all red.

24. Treat yourself to a pedicure. It feels good. It makes your feet look nice. $30 has never been better spent.

25. Take your vitamins.

26. Use the Waterpik. It takes like 30 seconds. Really, you can spare that amount of time. Do it for your gums. But really, do it so the dentist doesn’t berate you.

27. Don’t discount yourself or your opinions. Don’t let other people discount you either. Your thoughts matter, and they’re probably more brilliant than you realize, so just say the things you are thinking.

28. In the words of Ron Swanson, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

29. Think of all the amazing things!

  • you are healthy,
  • you have a well-paying, somewhat rewarding, interesting job,
  • you are loved,
  • you are strong,
  • you are great at Scrabble and the NY Times crossword puzzles,
  • people read the stuff you write and sometimes they like it,
  • you have the appearance of youth on your side,
  • there are birds chirping outside,
  • you’ve overcome,
  • you can go anywhere you want, anytime you want,
  • the world really is yours.

So, think of all the amazing things and feel happy. Feel happy more often than you do because you don’t take the time to feel happy enough. Look around. Breathe. Life is pretty okay. You’ll be okay, too.

30. Feel gratitude. Spread joy.

image source: unsplash

Oh wait, one more,

31. Don’t feel bad for not achieving all of these things all of the time. This is a process. But do try. Try hard.

Okay, so I’m gonna try starting fresh now. Like right now. The cool thing about life is you can do that.