Reminder: Berners Are Diverse And Clintonites Are Racist, MSM Claims The Opposite

Hillary Clinton being confronted by a #BlackLivesMatter protester.

The Clinton Campaign relied a lot on minorities during the Primary and General Elections. They would always say that a majority of African-Americans and Hispanics would rather Clinton over the populist Senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders.

They’d always show charts like this:

NBC News Poll

To try to say that Hillary Clinton and her voters were not racist towards People of Color, and the media would start to smear Bernie Sanders as someone who just tried to appeal to White, Male voters, and who threw minorities under the bus.

There’s this article from The Nation by controversial Hillary Clinton apologist Joan Walsh which tried to smear Sanders and his voters as “sexist” and “racist” since Bernie had a particular appeal for White Working-class workers.

And not only did The Nation publish articles which smeared Bernie Sanders and his supporters as racist; The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, and many other outlets also published pieces claiming Sanders supporters were racist.

But all of this articles are wrong, not only because Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t composed by White Males, but also because Bernie supporters are the least racist voters among all Republican and Democratic candidates, and yes, even less racist than Clintonites.

1. Actually, Bernie Sanders supporters are pretty diverse

A lot of Hillary Clinton supporters, and also the Mainstream Media, are trying to “whitewash” Sanders’ minority supporters. Hashtags like “#BernieMadeMeWhite” started to pop-up on Twitter, depicting all the racial and ethnic diversity among Bernie Sanders supporters. Here are some examples of that:

Clintonites and Mainstream Media even tried to “whitewash” Hawaii, the least White State in the United States, just because Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Primary there:

Lets also note that Bernie Sanders won minority voters among the Millenial population:

Fragment from an NPR article.

2. According to Reuters, Hillary Clinton supporters are pretty racist

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump supporters aren’t the only ones who are racist since Clintonites are pretty racist also.

Fragment from Reuters/Ipsos Poll.

Hillary Clinton supporters weren’t as racist as Trump supporters, but it is concerning that one out of five Clinton supporters claim that Whites are more intelligent than Blacks, one-quarter said that Whites are more hardworking than Blacks, and 30% place White people as more “well-mannered” than Blacks.

One-third of Clintonites also claimed that Black people were more “violent” and “criminal” than Whites and about 25% said Blacks were lazier than Whites. All of that according to the poll:

Reuters/Ipsos Poll fragment.

3. Reminder: Hillary Clinton has supported policies which hurt People of Color home and abroad

  1. Hillary Clinton supported the 1994 Crime Bill which was signed by her Husband, President Bill Clinton, when he was president in the 90s. The Bill cracked down on crime, mainly in African-American communities. Here are some of the effects of the 1994 Crime Bill according to NPR and a video of Hillary Clinton calling young African-American boys as “super predators”.
Source: NPR
Hillary Clinton being confronted by a #BlackLivesMatter protester. The protester got taken out of the meeting even though she paid 500 dollars to get in there.

2. Hillary Clinton opposed Single-payer Healthcare, and she claimed it will “never, ever happen”, but according to the Harvard Public Health Review, Single-payer would greatly benefit minority communities.

3. The Clintons created a Hell on Earth in Haiti and financially benefitted from it, explained in this article on Huffington Post by H. A. Goodman.

4. The U.S. State Department lead by HRC pushed for a right-wing coup in Honduras which made the country one of the most dangerous in the World and also caused millions to migrate to the United States. Hillary Clinton supported the deportation of kids who wanted to migrate from Honduras to the United States.

5. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, pushed for the “Energy Reform” in Mexico which sought to privatize the State Oil Company “Pemex”, which caused gasoline prices rise throughout Mexico, which also leads to most food and basic supplies prices to rise. Lets remember the minimum wage in Mexico is $3.90 U.S. Dollars a day.

6. Hillary Clinton also said that the U.S. needs to create a barrier (which reminds me of someone) on the Mexican border to keep undocumented immigrants out.

7. Private Prison Lobbyists were raising money for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, obviously so HRC as President would keep the terrible War on Drugs in the U.S. which disproportionately harms African-American communities.

4. While Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater girl, Bernie Sanders fought against Segregation in the 60s

This videos will explain what I’m talking about:

Hillary Clinton: “I was a Goldwater girl”
Bernie Sanders arrested for protesting segregation in 1963

5. Bernie Sanders’ economic policies help White people, but mainly minorities. Hillary Clinton’s do the opposite.

We all know the economic policies that Bernie Sanders championed: taxing the rich, free college, raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour, Medicare for All, axing the TPP and NAFTA.

All of them have been well known for championing not only the Working-class but also People of Color since they are the ones who hurt the most from capitalism and corporatism.

  1. Whites have more probability of getting a College Degree than Blacks and Hispanics. Free College would change that. Hillary Clinton was against it.
Source: Pew Research Center

2. There’s an income gap between Blacks and Hispanics with White people. Raising the minimum wage to $15 Dollars an hour and taxing the rich would help to diminish that gap. Hillary Clinton didn’t want to increase the minimum wage to $15 Dollars an hour.

Source: Pew Research Center

3. Bernie wanted more regulations on Big Banks, Hillary didn’t want to. Remember Big Banks created the Subprime Mortgage Crisis which lead to a lot of people to lose their houses, especially PoC (the most vulnerable).

4. NAFTA and the TPP outsourced U.S. jobs, making a lot of Americans lose their jobs. Hillary Clinton was in favor of NAFTA and the TPP, Bernie Sanders was against it.

PoC: the most affected from unemployment.

The full Pew Research Center study can be found here.

As you can all see, Bernie Sanders anti-neoliberal policies which help PoC voters reflect his favorability ratings among the African-American community, while Hillary Clinton only got such support from her celebrity status and MSM’s praise of her while they smeared Sanders at the same time.

Hillary Clinton is no friend of minorities, and her supporters aren’t also because of their prejudicial views towards them.

Bernie Sanders fights against every single policy which affects minorities, while Clinton fought for them. So you decide, who’s voters are the most racist?

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