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Self Acceptance And Inner Peace

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Accepting ourselves, and finding our way to having a sense of peace can often seem like an impossible journey. The solutions, and results can seem so far away from ever being achieved. We feel like we are in a long long dark tunnel, without any light, nor any end of the tunnel in sight. It all feels so intense, and difficult. With the ironic fact being that we can find ourselves accepting everyone in our lives, some of which can be very tough processes to go through. Yet when it comes to accepting ourselves, and being okay with what’s within us, the task seems to be on a totally different, higher level. One of which seems to constantly hold us back from liking who we are, or accepting ourselves for the person we’ve become throughout life.

It hasn’t always been easy to share with others everything from inside me, when it comes to accepting myself. Because I have lived so many years isolated with myself, hiding my vulnerabilities and inner truths. It involved so much work to hide myself, that it felt like it was a full time job.

I used to live afraid of the truth. Specifically, the truth about me. And I don’t necessarily mean anything in particular. I put a lot of stress and strain into making sure, reality was hidden from everyone around me. Whether a stranger, associate, loved one or friend. I found it totally frightening and anxiety filled to imagine someone finding out that I wasn’t who I portrayed myself as. It was this journey of becoming an author, that seemed to be the kick starter, for finding the courage to be brave and finally hold back nothing.

I used the word vulnerability earlier, and I say it again because that’s one of the most important words when it comes to living a life of self truth. And I don’t dare claim it’s an easy or quick process because it certainly is not. But when I learned that I had to stop keeping my vulnerability undercover, a massive weight seemed to be lifted off my shoulder. And I began a new process then. A process of practicing Radical Acceptance.

Radical Acceptance is the term for a process, that really lifted my fear of others finding out the truth. I practiced it, by sitting down and becoming a writer.

Writing everyday about the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced, the pain I have caused others, the pain I caused myself, the broken trust that I caused to almost any human being that crossed my path, every mistake I made, and every act of evil, that I did. All of that turned into a beautiful things. It showed that there were still loving and forgiving people in life, because some stuck by me.

Blessings often hide themselves in events and places, that you’d never expect to be blessed in.

For the enemies I had and kept along the way, I had now taken all of the power out of their hands. Because I had already written my honest, detailed life story. That the entire world had access to. Whether a reader was a stranger, or my own Mother, I had no more secrets. Which meant, nobody could hurt or slander me again. A hateful person could even go on facebook, and tell the world about all the dirt I have done. And I wouldn’t mind. Because all those people already were aware of those details. Because they learned of them, from me.

We cover many topics here in Thoughts and Ideas. But much of the main focus is often times related to topics of mental health, mindfulness, spirituality, self acceptance, inner peace, wellbeing and health. I see bits and pieces of this article I just wrote, in hundreds, and maybe thousands of articles on this publication. It may be likely that many of us are all just trying to live our lives in the most mentally healthy of ways.

We all have vulnerabilities in our lives, and carry guilt and shame over things we may have done, loved ones we’ve hurt, and regrets over things that we feel we should have done, but never did.

The first step in creating a gateway towards getting through these type of things is self forgiveness. Forgiving yourself is an excellent first step, and from there, realize that none of you have to carry around guilt and shame for the rest of your lives. It does take strength to go through this process, but it’s worth the hard work. Peaceful living will be there for the taking.




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Michael Patanella

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