The gifted word

The 26 beings turned their backs to me when I told them my purpose.
They laughed at my foolishness,
surprised at my audacity.
My tearsome pearls of wisdom gave up when I heard the 1st of them consoling me,
" Many had tried but none could reach the last page. Listen to me child,you must find your answers within your tongue. We won’t be enough for you."
I watched their ghastly faces wear a look of sympathy and love and I realised the depth in those words a few moments later.
I dumped my bottle of blue ink and my favorite nib. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem so I sat down right then and there with an absolute zero,flexing my imaginary brain muscles to seek what I had known since my birth. 
"What does my tongue know about my Mommy? This is stupid. What was the 1st one trying to tell me with that wordy puzzle?",the brainy wizard was in his shoes again.
"How am I to write the best for my Mommy?"
A flash of light and I had something knocking my skulldoors .
I couldn’t contain my happiness.

The 26 beings were right. They weren’t enough for my purpose.
I found the answer within my tongue,
It wasn’t my tongue actually. I’m such a silly me.
It was my 'mothertongue’, stronger and wealthier than the 26 beings indeed !
The word,
A universe in itself.
It means the Soul and the God
I rejoiced at my feat. Tracing the beautiful word on my palm with a finger, I heard my voice for the first time with such devotion when it sang the word to me,

About the writeup -

26 beings — 26 alphabets in English

Purpose— To write something extraordinary

Mother tongue — Marathi

आई—( Aaei)Let me explain the beauty of this word to those who have never heard or read about it.I don’t want you to miss on it!

आ— Aa stands for Aatma meaning ‘SOUL'

ई— Ei stands for Ishwar meaning ‘GOD' almighty

I’m glad I’ve unknowingly and unintentionally been praising my Aaei (Mother) with such an awesome word.

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