The Amazing Thing That Happened When I turned 40

I am 9 years in but I will never forget how I changed at 40. To be blunt I inhaled wisdom and exhaled needless bullshit. Your laughing but it’s true.

At first I admit I was a little down looking in the mirror at the face that didn’t glow as much as before and wore signs of age around the eyes. That wasn’t the only first impression. Men weren’t looking as they once were and people were calling me Maam.

Before I tell you my epiphany, I have to fill you in. I have always struggled with self-esteem and who I am. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, there were definite parameters women were supposed to fall into. Media and society have always told us how to look, what we should do with our lives, how we should act.

We all want to fit in and I was no different, I wanted to be part of a group, be pretty, be liked. Let me tell you it is work! I can’t remember a time that others weren’t telling me what I should be and I tried, oh how I tried.

When forty came to a screeching halt at my front door, I don’t know how it happened but I finally was surrounded by my full feminine power. The reason? I just let go. I finally realized the things I thought were important, just weren’t.

There is an I don’t care calm that washes over you. I am never going to be skinny, I’ll be healthy instead. I am an Introvert and it’s okay. I don’t care what you think of me because I define me.

I have never been so confident in my life. I believe this happens to most women and is the primary reason younger men love us. You suddenly know what you want and dispose of what you don’t. You realize it is that simple and your time is valuable.

What’s your story?