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The Gift of All We Are

Life could be so simple: we could feel connected to each other, acting from a place of love for one another, in solidarity with all human beings (and other animals, too!). It could be this way, but in practice, does it happen? Perhaps only when we’re not aware of it happening.

When we’re aware and feeling self-conscious, we feel disconnected. We feel alone and afraid, like the world is out to get us. And if the world doesn’t want us, then we don’t want it: we fight back, sometimes by trying to make ourselves submit. It’s very hard.

What can we do? We’re trapped. Any direction we turn, we find ourselves, struggling to get on track. But the thing that’s keeping us off track is struggling to get back on track. If only we could drop the drama and just live in this messy world, warts and all, embracing the unknowable future and our unknowable place in it.

If only we could realize that embracing is what we’re already doing. We have no choice: we are in the world, staking a place in the physical and social scheme, whether we like it or not. There’s no way to get off: the ride is life itself.

Life is so simple. Not because we can understand it. We can’t get any distance from the existence we’re a part of, and so can’t successfully manipulate it to meet our desires. We get what we get.

The heart of life is giving — a spontaneous act. A sacrifice. That’s why it’s simple: it just gives and gives, and we are given and give too.

But not so fast. This simplicity is always new, never old or stale — and unpredictable, never wholly known. Remember where we are: part of the gift.



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Ross J. Edwards

Ross J. Edwards

Brooklyn-based musician, administrator, seeker; pursuing a master's in philosophy at New School in NY.