The Google “Anti-Diversity Screed”: PC, SJWs and The Holy Lie

Bruce Gatenby
Aug 7, 2017 · 3 min read
Don’t blame me. Blame this guy.

I find the kerfuffle over the now-infamous employee memo on the lack of viewpoint diversity at Google (what Gizmodo terms an “anti-diversity screed,” as if calling for viewpoint diversity is anti-diversity) both fascinating and funny. Fascinating because it’s refreshing to find an engineer that can write and reason well, and funny due to the reactions from the PC and SJW crowd that only confirm the thesis of his memo: discriminating against other viewpoints is not in keeping with a policy of diversity.

I’m also currently reading that selection of Nietzsche’s notebooks called The Will to Power and I’m impressed at how relevant his ideas still are to our so-called “post-truth” culture (you gotta love the media. All these BA’s in Journalism controlling our intellectual lives). Politically correct professors, politicians, media types and identity-obsessed SJW acolytes are engaging in what Nietzsche called the holy lie: natural purpose, reason, vanish and are replaced with moral purpose. The value of an action is not measured w/regard to its consequences, but w/regard to its intension and how well it conforms to a set of dogmatic beliefs.

According to Nietzsche, once you intend to influence the direction of mankind, you grant yourself the right to tell lies. “That the lie is permitted as a means to a pious end is part of the theory of every priesthood.” For him, philosophers were just a further development of the priesthood; Plato was their foundational holy lie.

The members of the PC Social Justice League are really just following his time-honored rules as how to gain authority when you lack the physical power to enforce authority.

Three steps.

Step One: you must show that you have power, authority on your side.

Step Two: you must take the whole course of nature in your hands.

Step Three: you must possess a more extensive domain of power: Id est, you control both punishment and the way to bliss.

Political correctness is a result of postmodern theory that infected English and humanities departments in the 1980s (I know, I was in grad school in those days. Exempli gratia: I had a class in Faulkner in which we didn’t actually read Faulkner. We read Luce Irigaray on abjection and Foucault on power structures and Derrida on phallologocentrism, a who’s who of postmodern theory. Fun times.) It spread to the social sciences and then started leaking out into the wider world, so that the world we live in today is really just one big university campus. That was step one. Step two was taking over nature, what Gad Saad has called biophobia. Gender studies really gained traction by denying the basic tenants of biology. Biological sex became socially-constructed gender. Inherent differences between men and women (brain chemistry, bone structure, genitals) don’t exist because everyone is equal. You can have a penis and be a woman. Men can menstruate and get pregnant. The holy lie replaces testing, experiment, empirical evidence; natural purpose and reason vanish, and the value of knowledge becomes its intention and how well it conforms to (in this case) politically correct dogma. And finally, step three. Question the dogma and the “great punishment machine” awakens: you become a social media pariah, lose your job, lose your friends, maybe lose your life. The way back to bliss is to confess your racism, sexism, privilege, assorted –ism phobias, apologize and report to the nearest diversity and inclusion indoctrination seminar. ASAP.

Once they identify the author of the “anti-diversity” Google diversity memo, just sit back and watch what happens.

[UPDATE: Identified and fired.]

In this world of dogmatic PC, lies create the conditions in which “truth” becomes visible. Since the age of the Romantics, the lie of fiction, the made-up, has been privileged because it contains a “higher truth.” Ever try to live your life according to the so-called truths of literature? I wouldn’t recommend it. Philosophy, art, politics, humanities, social sciences all operate in a similar way. Once you intend to influence the direction of mankind, you grant yourself the right to tell lies. Wisdom doesn’t come from empirical evidence or experience, but from the holy lie, the noble, moral purpose. Conform, or deny it at your own peril.

Cue the hate parade.

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