The green revolution

There is a revolution rising up 
right now in this land;
with enough food to go around
deliverance is at hand.

It’s a struggle we must embrace; 
it plays a constructive role;
it does not involve any guns;
prosperity is its goal.

The members of this revolution
are armed with pick and spade;
they aim to increase production
until the specter of want is dead.

Strong of arm, firm in will,
they follow a fiery star
whose bright light serves to instill
determination never to despair.

They wage war in the fields
against hunger and dependency, 
and whatever their labor yields 
they contribute to their community.

They seek no other reward
than the joy of doing good;
join them in your own backyard
and help them grow more food.

Citizen, hasten to join the ranks
of this enlightened and progressive band: 
you will receive the fervent thanks
of every soul in the land.

Citizen, renounce the idle ways
of endless procrastination; 
citizen, heed the call to arms
and join the revolution.