Writing is the painting of the voice. It’s what makes us to be heard even without speaking. It’s a powerful tool if wielded properly.

I have been writing since elementary school but I’ve only started real writing about, let’s say four months. I know it’s quite a short period of time but despite my schedule, I still manage to write almost everyday. Right now I’m writing and I just came back from work, have had my dinner and I’m now sitting in the living room typing this piece of work.

Over the course of these four months, a lot had really changed about me. writing had really changed the way I perceive the world; it’s helped me build myself. I’m a typist (I type, edit and set documents for a living and I’m pretty good at it) and helping people correct mistakes is quite fun but what I’ve found out so far is that writing and reading are two different things. Reading sharpens our intellect and writing helps us understand and harness it. To be quite frank, writing isn’t easy, let’s face it. Forget those ads and posts that tell you it’s simple — it’s not but you know what? Writing down our experiences and goals can change the way we live forever.

Writing helps you understand how you truly feel. It leads to a deeper understanding of yourself. It helps us understand our viewpoints and know what people think of us. Writing helps you accept the past and move to the future. It helps you look back at what you’ve written and understand the true meaning of your life.

Writing helps you identify with yourself and know who you truly are deep down. When I read through my past write-ups, I could see my state of mind and mood. Truth is, most of us have not been able to understand who we truly are. We are unaware of our strengths and Achilles Heels. We don’t know where we are able to derive our strengths from but writing deals with these impediments and helps you grasp strength from what you’ve least expected.

Writing of things that hurt you, past experiences helps you become stronger than that current situation. It helps you overcome them and move forward. Before I started writing, I had thought I knew just who I was; my likes and dislikes, my dreams and imaginations, my yearnings but as my writing came to prove -I was wrong, absolutely wrong. I knew nothing of me. For example, I realized I could write poems; I never knew I could write poems and I have never tried it.

Writing comes from the heart. The first time I had written anything was a poem. It was a week to Christmas and I was sitting at work that day, playing with my favourite Windows 7 then a crazy idea occurred to me. Write a poem. Yeah. It was utterly crazy because I for one didn’t know the first thing about writing a poem but I did it anyways. I wrote the first line, it was looking good. And then the next and the last. I reread it over again, I couldn’t believe I had actually done it. I had written a poem, my first poem. Well that was how I basically started writing and after I stumbled upon Medium when perambulating and galivanting on the Internet, I’m here writing. I’ve lost count of what I’ve written so far and truth be said, I learn every single day reading what I’ve written and what other members have written.

Writing goes pars-pasu with reading. You want to be a better writer then read. Reading is also an important tool in developing the skill of writing. Writing also clears your head so you would be analytical in thinking. It helps you process your emotions. Writing down what’s on our mind is a great way to work through inner conflict or process your feelings around a particular situation. It’s similar to talking a situation through with a friend, except it’s a useful way of strengthening your self-soothing abilities and enhancing your self-knowledge.

Writing is a good way to keep a record of the past so you’ll never forget about it. Like I have said before, I always find myself reading through my past works and I always found it fascinating. Writing helps keep the past so you can savor moments that you could have potentially forgotten and increase your levels of gratitude. When you are able to look back and see how you have navigated and handled situations in the past, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and have more courage to do so in the future.

Writing things down can foster a sense of achievement and progress, expanding our possibilities and increasing our productivity. Writing everyday or at least three times a week can help those who are usually scared of writing a book to easily deal with this fear. Equally, if we write down everything we need to do in a particular day or week, we gain an additional sense of satisfaction when, having completed the task, we can cross the item off our list. Feeling productive enhances our productivity, creating a virtuous cycle.

Writing keeps me informed and up-to-date with trends in the world of writing and reading. Writing helps you think above what you are now and helps you aim higher. We may be faced with problems that outweigh us, but writing opens up a world of possibility and greater heights. Doing this helps us stay motivated, and it reduces the chance that we fall prey to self-limiting beliefs. When we write things down, we have a chance to explore dreams and ambitions that we might not feel safe revealing to anyone else yet. We also have a space to keep track of all our ideas and desires so we can return to them later.

It’s now 12:20pm and I should be off to bed. Right now, my elder sister is asking me to go to bed but I tell her I’m not ready. Though I’m tired and my bones feel weak but where do I still get the strength to keep awake and write this? It’s commitment. I’m committed to writing so f*** sleep and tiredness because I’m not going to bed till I finish writing this. This is what writing does to you, it makes you more committed not just to writing but also our dream, goals and ambitions.

What ways do you think writing can improve you? Please comment. I would like to hear your viewpoint.