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My Struggle with Dieting and Matriarchy

A week of celebrations, good food and housemate rivalry

Sa-Lads On Tour.’

That’s Lola.

Day #1

Spinach, olive, sundried tomato and feta pizza

Tesco’s pizza & Seriously Good Salads — pg 125

Roasted squash, cherry tomatoes and crispy lentils

Quick Roasting Tin — pg 138

Day #2 – Chinese New Year – 🇨🇳 🎉

General Tso’s cauliflower

Steamed bao buns

Day #3


Green Roasting Tin — pg 168

Roasted squash and pearl barley

Green Roasting Tin — pg 204

Thoughts on meat-free

Day #4 – Valentines Day – ❤️🧸

Spinach and red pepper quiche

Higgidy quiche & Seriously Good Salads — pg 96

Spinach gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and peppers

Green Roasting Tin — pg 152

Day #5

Spinach, mackerel and potato salad

Seriously Good Salads — pg 77


Baked salmon, new potatoes and asparagus

Around the World — pg 198

A note on organic

Day #6 – Pancake Day!!!– 🥞 🎉

Crispy tofu, fennel and pak choi

Green Roasting Tin — pg 42


Day #7 — Final Day

Pear and courgette salad

Seriously Good Salads — pg 112

Courgettes, sundried tomatoes and olives

Green Roasting Tin — pg 172



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