The Power of Decisions

An aspect which is certainly the realm of our lives. An ignorant tool by choice, yet something valuable and to be used more carefully than the time factor that concerns and determines the reality ahead.

A realization, a thought, that the people we come across, the friendships that bond with us and the relationships that subconsciously become a part of us, is all an illusion depicted by the ‘Decisions' we take and pursue.

My mentor put this across to me once, amidst all the other thoughts on top of his mind; “Your life is a direct reflection of what you are". I wonder how influential decisions are, when I realize the impact of my daily actions revolving around them.

Decisions are like small chits of treasure hunt clues to me, each one chosen wisely, puts you to the path of your destiny.

It goes without saying that you got to take decisions, and make them right. But anything done, when goes through a short framework in the mind gives a clearer picture ahead. Sometimes, or most certainly at all times, taking hints from the directions of your board of mentors will stimulate a good decision making process. They, can be real lifelines when we are left out helpless to undergo a form of crisis management.

Some of the most successful people have emerged as standing examples of taking good decisions. Their achievements turn out to be an icon of inspiration to me. I chose to reach out to relatable mentors, on the go. Be it for your aspirations, a clear pen-picture of yourself can bring out the best in you and better decisions will follow up.

Let today be my decision that I would hereafter bring in a sense of positiveness ahead. A conscious neglect of hasty decisions with a hope that I would improve the quality of my life with this.

Be it people, ambitions, passion and relationships, it all begins with you.😊

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