The Present Sucks

Imagine a sandglass
Turned upside down
You know time is slipping
But by how much now?

A background countdown
Will drive you mad
How much time you have?
How much can you demand?

The present is a strange place
Too quiet, too serene
Let us live in the past
Relive each scene by scene

For it’s nonetheless
So guaranteed.

Or let’s plan a future
We have no control over
We pretend to exercise free will
So we feel bigger, better, bolder

But the present?
Right now?


It’s too much energy
Too much anxiety
Too much against
The essence of society

It’s challenging beyond belief
For how many do you see?
Those who hold their thoughts still
Enough to just “be”?

Leave me alone
To my non-present vices
And in time I’ll find out
Exactly what the price is

But for now it’s this

I’ll be reminiscing the past
A nostalgia not my own
Or worry about a future
Worry about the unknown

Tara Demren is a social entrepreneur, poet & insight capturer who is fascinated about startup culture and why we are the way we are. She is the host of Tea Time with Tara, which curates high quality content & shares 🔑 life takeaways for all.

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