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The Quality of Our Thoughts Determines the Quality of Our Lives.

image: Tracy Meyer

You are responsible for your thoughts.

You are responsible for your frequency.

You are responsible for your mood.

The first time I really threw myself, heart first, into the teachings of A Course In Miracles and Law of Attraction and heard this kind of information I balked.

But it was the specific kind of inner-rejecting that I’ve come to recognize as a signal to go deeper. “There’s something in this that’s triggering a strong reaction in me. Let me investigate.”

The directive to take responsibility felt like I was being misunderstood and blamed for what was not working in my life. It took me years and years to reckon with the realness and truth of these ideas.

I grew up the way so many of us did — in an environment that wasn’t emotionally safe. When we’re not emotionally or physically safe in our homes, we have to find ways to make things Not Our Fault. Because if something is our fault, we will get in big trouble for it.

So the way we feel is not our fault. The shitty decision we made is not our fault. The harm we caused is not our fault. The agreement we didn’t make good on is not our fault.

When we let ourselves off the hook by making everything someone else’s fault, we do so at the cost of our empowerment. We ingrain the habit of disempowering ourselves in order to guarantee our safety.

But empowerment IS our safety.

When I take responsibility now, in my adult life, I do so with gladness. Not resentment. I do so knowing that the deeper and deeper I go into claiming what’s mine in my dynamics with other people and with life, I am releasing the heaviness and blocks that restrict me from being of the highest service and receiving my highest good.

To take responsibility for the quality of our lives and our thinking is to heal. We transform. Life shifts from being a game of fault finding, blame laying and hiding places to being a teacher. And we begin to understand that all the people in our lives are soul contracts. Here to show us what we need to learn. And to bring us closer to that illuminated version of who we truly are.

This is what it means when we say: the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives.



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